Old friends, Cat baths, and the perfect dinner...

So in writing about our dinner party last time, I completely forgot to write about the neatest thing! There is this guy, Billy, who Norman works with now, who he knew way back when he was about 13 years old! What are the odds of that?! He has actually run across quite a few old friends and acquaintances at the Pentagon, and it just shows what a very small world it truly is. The neat thing is that he also knew some of Norman's family and they have been able to talk about mutual friends and family and just reminisce a bit. Totally cool!

Now, about the cat bath...this was NOT planned. I used to give Simon a bath regularly when we kept his hair very long, but since we've started getting him groomed and shaved regularly we haven't had the need to do so. But today he had a check-up at the vets, and anytime he has to get put in his little pet carrier he pees in it. He just hates it so much, and I can't say I blame him. But boy did he stink!!! He alone weighs about 25 lbs, so that, plus the carrier gave me my workout for the day. I washed him in Aveda shampoo and put Redkin conditioner on him, so he smells sooooo good and feels so soft!!! We do have an appointment to get him shaved again on the 16th, but at least he'll smell good until then! :)

Simon after his bath

Simon not so happy with me; stop sticking your tongue out Simon!!

And here he is all dry and brushed out and passed out relaxed! :)

And then last but not least...the perfect dinner. We found this beautiful little upscale outdoor shopping place with an outdoor courtyard, and there are several restaurants that have outdoor seating. It was so cool out tonight and we just enjoyed the food and the atmosphere, and I particularly enjoyed finding an Elizabeth Arden Red Door Salon and Spa on the upper level of the shops. :) I used to go to the one in Dallas up on NW Hwy, and it was soooo nice! It was just a nice relaxing time to enjoy each other and have some great food.

I am totally getting spoiled here!! :)

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