Sant Ocean Hall Exhibit & Housing Situation!! :)

A few days ago, the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History opened up its newest exhibit - the Sant Ocean Hall Exhibit. We had been wanting to go, but wanted to avoid the masses who would be there on opening day. Luckily today Norman was able to come home really early, and we were all able to take advantage of the time together by going to see it! It really was phenomenal!! There is a HUGE whale suspended from the ceiling. She actually was tagged a long while ago and her travels and behaviors were logged, so you can read up on her there. There is also the exhibit of the largest squid ever captured, which is just amazing...along with several interactive rooms for movie presentations, shows, and slide shows. It was the coolest exhibit of all that we've seen. Here are some pics of our day...

And now, onto a new topic!! When we were moving here, we knew we didn't want to live on Bolling AFB for different reasons. We wanted to be close to Norman's work, especially in the beginning, and get a lay of the land for a while. So this apartment was perfect for location, for many of the amenities we have here, and for us getting to know DC up close and personal. Now that we know the area, we know the pros and cons of all the different areas, we have decided to move into a more permanent situation...one that is very surprising actually!! Of all of the Air Force Bases around here, none really are that great with enticing people to move. The housing is old and rundown and the location is just not great. We actually were introduced to Fort Belvoir (yep, it's an Army Post!) when Norman's unit had their big picnic out there in July, and we were seriously in awe of how gorgeous it is. They are building brand new homes in addition to the new "town square" feel they are building all their shopping centers and facilities in.

Norman did some calling and checking on things today, and he found out that this will work out beautifully for us, because...

A) There is a waiting list and we would have never been able to move there in the first place, so it's perfect that we are here and can get on the waiting list.
B) The waiting list is technically 6 months, but the lady told Norman today that it's actually between 2-6 months.
D) Annnd perhaps the best part - they give us orders to move on base, so we can submit it to this apartment and they have to release us out of our lease because of the military clause! So we don't have to pay anything for breaking the lease!! Yippeee!!

And how did I almost forget to post that we are in a 3 bedroom now, and will be moving into a 4 bedroom more than likely about 500 sq feet bigger than what we are in now??!! I'm sooooo very thrilled about this!!

Now, this is very funny to me to be so excited to be moving on base for several different reasons. The first reason is that I hated my first on base experience. The house was old and falling down around us, plus we were covered in roaches and ants and termites. I swore I'd never do base housing again...Until we had to move on base in Ohio, and we loved it there!!! The base housing in Dayton was the best thing that ever happened to me - well, besides Norman and the boys! I made some great friends, had a great time, and really embraced the entirety of the military lifestyle. So to go from such a distaste of it, to such a love of it is just insane to me. The thing is that I am judgmental at times, but I'm never so closed off that I won't try something again if I don't like it the first time. Base housing being a good example. And I think it's a good thing to help keep me in check that yes, I may have a bad experience but it's not like that everywhere. You guys that know me well know that I am very opinionated, and I am vocal about my thoughts and opinions, but I do know to keep trying things because situations, life, people...they change. So those of you who remember our terrible ordeal down at Maxwell are probably laughing at me being so excited about this!!! But I'm just over the moon that we can get in this housing even though it is Army and we aren't! And to be honest, I kind of miss SOME things about Army life. It will be great to live there! So, for any of you guys who want the high rise experience (for free!!! haha), you better get on up to see us before we move out of this apartment! I will completely miss a lot of the perks of being a city chick, but I am so excited to get settled back into suburban life. Ahhhhh...so happy at the moment :).

Here are a couple of pics of the base/housing.

And now to wind this up...KEEP HARASSING YOUR CONGRESSMEN/SENATORS TO KEEP VOTING NO!!! They are getting the message...a lot of them, and a lot of them are not voting their party strictly...they are voting what they are hearing from their constituents!! So keep writing them.


  1. The housing is adorable...so much better than Tinker! congrats on finding a place to live. Hopefully your wait will not be that long.

    As for the museum, if we ever get up there, we will have to go. Josh loves that sort of stuff.

  2. That is great news!! I hope you enjoy the new place - it looks fantastic!!

  3. Thanks girls! Melinda, you are always welcome to come stay with us!! You would love that museum...it's my favorite of all of them!! Thanks Jenny; we're super excited!!

  4. I hope your Montgomery experience wasn't all that bad :-) The base housing their looks beautiful. I wouldn't mind living there myself.

  5. Melissa, Landmark was the best part of our entire Montgomery experience!! How else would we have met you guys?!! We had moved offbase to Colonial Grand apartments when we met you guys. Speaking of which, do you remember Eli's second birthday party? We came across pictures of you and Burt; I should scan them in and send them to you!! :) I sure miss you guys...


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