September 11th - Pentagon Memorial Dedication

Okay, so I am totally exhausted, but I will give you the basics and give you lots of pics. The pictures have captions on them, but for the ones where I didn't circle Norman's head, he's wearing his Service Dress - the nice blue dress uniform.

Norman and I both got up at 4am, and he had to be there before 5. The list of people he escorted, talked to, sat by, and got to meet is just beyond impressive. I can't tell you how proud I am of my husband; my sweetie got to talk to some big dogs today!!!! Some of the people he interacted with today are: Condoleezza Rice, Associate Justice Clarence Thomas and his wife, Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of the Army Pete Geren, Admiral Keating, Admiral Roughead - Chief of Naval Operations, Secretary of Agriculture - Edward Schafer and his wife (Norman sat next to them), Attorney General Michael Mukasey, Former Secretary of Transportation - Norman Mineta, General Norton Schwartz - Chief of Staff of the Air Force, General Richard Myers - Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Henry Kissinger, among many others. I am just telling Norman to stop giving me names now because I'm tired and my head hurts!!! lol. Email him for more info if you'd like. :)

Okay, so here are the the many pictures! :) I took some video, but I'll have to sort thru that and see which ones I want to post.

My sweetie at 4:30am, on his way out the door...


  1. Norman looks pretty good for 4 A.M.! Oh to be a guy...

    Did you get to meet any one exciting or did your hubby hogg all of the fun?

  2. I was up in the nosebleed section so the most I got to do was take pictures and watch from afar. It was funny because we talked on the phone before it started to find each other and I was standing at the top waving my arms like a crazy woman and he was down by the stage waving his arms lol. Thats all the interaction we got. That pic of Norman cracks me up though...he was having a bad hair day! lol
    Jenny - yep, that about sums it up lol.

  3. I always have bad hair days at 4am! :) Great pictures!!!

  4. Thanks Shontel!! Haha - at least he got to wear a hat!


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