Simon's going to the beauty shop...

Tomorrow is the day we take our beautiful, furry, hairball in to get shaved. I'm torn because I love how beautiful and soft his fur is, but the downside is that it's just perfect for Chase to pull out, perfect for Simon to eat and then throw up on my carpet, and it doesn't look attractive on our clothing. So off it comes. The only issue in getting him to the groomers is the fact that when we let him even so much as SEE the cat carrier, he starts peeing. You practically have to put a big shirt over his head and smuggle him into the cage or you don't stand a chance. But once you get him in the cage, it just starts filling up with pee; maybe he thinks he'll float his way out..but whatever the case, it's gross. So today I got the bright idea of getting a cat harness and carrying him out. It's worth a shot. Surely he won't pee on me...he snuggles with me every night when we sleep, so maybe he'll be comforted if I carry him. But I got a cute harness and leash for my furball just in case he leaps out of my arms. Let me just say that he barely fits into the biggest cat harness; he almost needs a dog harness he is so fat. We tried the thing on tonight and at least I know he can't get out of it. I will say that since no one can visibly see that he is a boy, I searched high and low for a pink one, but we had to settle for red. He doesn't care...But here he is modeling his new harness...Now, the next thing I have to blog about is because it is just so funny. We have all the matching cutesy bathroom stuff...everything matches blah blah blah. We had a matching trashcan too, but we had a terrible accident with it and well, we had to lay it to rest. Some things just can't be saved. So I am such a cheapscate sometimes, that I refuse to spend another $50 on a dumb trashcan, regardless of the scrollwork, handpainted detail, or quality. It's a trashcan. And given my view of germs, even the trashcan needs to be able to be thrown away if need be. So yesterday when Norman and I went in to Linen's and Things, I jokingly remarked that I would totally dig a neon pink trashcan that costs $4.99 because I'm looking for the cheapest trashcan I can find. Would you believe that the second row we passed in that store had floor to ceiling NEON PINK TRASHCAN'S FOR $4.99??!! I had no idea Linen's and Things even sold ANYTHING for that cheap! So of course I told Norman it had to be fate, and he is such a wonderful, loving, PATIENT man that he grabbed one and we brought it home. Now, if he knew that I was in Ross today and saw a trashcan that would have beautifully matched our bathroom decor for only $2.99 we might have to return it...but I won't bother him with another shopping trip...


  1. You have a pretty kitty. Hope the kitty doesn't have an accident tomorrow!

  2. Thanks Shawna!! Simon did so well today!!! I'm fixing to blog about it!!! lol..I'm such a blog addict!


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