Thanks to Melinda I'm tagged! :)

Nope, I'm not mad; as soon as I started reading your blog I knew you were gonna tag me, so I was bracing myself for it! ha! Basically for those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, I am tagged and have to list 6 random facts about myself. I would have soooo deleted this if it was coming to me via e-mail, but I can't ignore my blog buddy, so here goes...And Melinda, you are right; this is kinda hard!

1. I rinse all my laundry with vinegar instead of using fabric softener. It helps rinse all of the residue out completely - you should try it!

2. I absolutely cannot stand any type of spot in my carpet, and I use a professional fabric/upholstry cleaner that works miracles to get stuff out of the carpet. When we moved into this apartment there were a few tiny black round dots that supposedly were NOT going to come out of the virtually beautifully clean carpet. Weeeellll, I was not going to give up on my carpet spot "phobia", so I used my stuff and VOILA! They came out! If you would like to know what my miracle solution is, just ask! :) I'm in love and addicted to my carpet cleaner.

3. I have a healthy phobia of germs. Specifically metro-related germs. Hand sanitizer is my best friend, and I am proud to say that Eli now knows to ask me for my sanitizer if he feels his hands are unclean ;).

4. I have learned the art of putting bling on my toes from my friend Melissa in Ohio. Every time I do my toes, I make sure I have rhinestones on my big toe. I am very girly.

5. Leaving Ohio was harder on me emotionally than moving from my home state of Oklahoma. I miss my house, my friends, my military peeps in the Prairies. I miss walking with Leah, and all the Desperate Housewives Wisteria Lane funnies that went along with living on my street.

6. As much as I love living here, moving is in my blood and we're already planning our next move...It's a love/hate relationship (moving, that is). That said, we probably will be moving on base next summer, so if you want the total city experience (meaning 12'th floor view of Pentagon, using the metro, minutes from all the sights and museums) come and visit us while we are still in this apartment. After this, I'm going back to the suburban life. :)

That's it!! So now it's MYYYYY duty to tag 6 other people to do the 6 Random Facts! Hmmm who will I pick. Some of the people I would have tagged, Melinda got, so here goes.

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  1. What do you mean you use vinegar? Doesn't it make your clothes smell bad. I need details on this, please : )

  2. If you only use about a half a cup in your load it is such a small amount there is no odor left at all. If you do notice an odor, just use a little less next time. It is FABULOUS for making towels fluffy, clothing smell-free (great for when you go out to restaurants and are around smoke, etc), and I find it especially helpful since I have asthma and smells trigger breathing issues. Go to this link - just copy and paste it and you can see a whole list of laundry uses for vinegar :). You can use vinegar on EVERYTHING...and we do! lol :)



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