Yes, I know I'm sad...

After doing those 6 random facts earlier it inspired me to do some cleaning tonight, and to my crazy delight I found a spot on the carpet. I HATE spots, but I love to clean them and watch them disappear, so after Chase was in bed asleep, I headed straight for the spot. Lucky for you I decided to take a picture for you to show you how miraculous my carpet cleaner is. Let me just say that this cleaner leaves no excess foam that leaves its own color in your carpet. You know, the more you scrub, the more the foam spreads and you end up with a bigger mess than you started with? And this requires very minimal rubbing to get the stain out. It is magic I tell you...I'm so delirious I'm going to bed. Oh, and I don't know what this was...I think it was juice that dripped from Chase's sippy cup; it was in the playroom. The small things make me so happy... lol


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