Big Project...

Okay, so I am always trying to figure out what file I saved a particular picture under, and the hard part is that I have different pictures saved on two computers. Tonight I have been trying to get the bulk of them on my picasa album, which my friend Alexa helped me set up last time I was at her house. Thanks Alexa! So, I got all of the categories up, but most of the pictures are so badly out of order, but at least it's a start. The link is below, in case you wonder what we've been up to the past 6 years lol. As if my blog isn't enough info. I will eventually put a little picture link over on the side of my blog, but I didn't want to work on any more computer stuff tonight. Also - mom and dad you can order pictures directly from there, if there are any up there you want. I know I have a ton more from Chase's 1st birthday, but I'm still looking for the rest of them...


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