Eli's Imaginary Friend

Well, I guess we are to that age. It is really sweet; he has invited "Geico" the Gecko to stay with us for 20 days to help him clean his room. He is carrying him around so carefully, and we are playing along, petting him and asking him if he is hungry, etc. Such a cute stage he's in right now...


  1. That is too cute!!! I had an imaginary friend. My mom said I took him every where. His name was Micah. :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by today!

    What branch of military is your family?

    We just retired from the AF last summer. I kind of miss moving around and meeting new people!

  3. Your welcome! I was glad to find ya! :) We are Air Force; I like it too! I get bored if I'm in one place too long, so it's a perfect fit! :)

  4. Let's see . . . . we met when he was stationed at Little Rock AFB (he already had about 10 years in) - and then we moved to Keesler AFB to Scott AFB and then back to Little Rock AFB. Before we met, he was stationed at Wichita Falls.

  5. Thats too funny!

    Thanks for stopping by on my BATW today.

  6. How sweet! I love that he's asking about his "creature comforts" too.

    Thanks for coming by on my BATW day!


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