Happy Birthday Norman!!!

So this post is dedicated solely to my sweetie; he turned 36 today! Happy Birthday!! We had a great day out today; I took him up to Oktoberfest in Vienna to surprise him, and we all enjoyed the beautiful weather and the activities there.

I have some pictures of Norman...just a couple of him as a baby and then some more recent. I wish I had more of him, but hopefully one day his family will graciously let us have some...

Baby Norman...Chase is a spitting image of him!!!

Norman in Lawton...while we were dating. Captain in the Army at Fort Sill.

All dressed up because he had to testify at a JAG hearing...So cute...

Our first military ball together...November 2001

Deployment to Afghanistan a month after we were married...

Norman and Eli during our time in Alabama

Norman and me today...Oktoberfest

We've celebrated 7 of your birthdays together...here's to many more. :)


  1. Happy birthday! Chase does look a lot like him when he was a baby.

  2. Happy Birthday Norman!!!!!

  3. Awww, what a beautiful tribute! Belated birthday wishes for many, many more happy and healthy ones.


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