My once a year bad habit...

We don't usually keep candy in the house; it's actually pretty rare. Eli is wound up enough without a sugar high, so I keep as much sugar as I can out of the house. Plus, for the sake of the teeth, I would just rather do without it. But when the big bags start appearing around Halloween, I just can't can't help myself...gorging myself on Strawberry Taffy and Sweetarts is a yearly obsession, and I am kicking the binge off on an all I can eat taffy spree. :) I just gotta remember to hide the bag from my little snoop or I'm in trouble. He'll get enough to last all year when we go Trick or Treating :).


  1. First off you are ADD when it comes to your blog decor : ) I like it though.

    Secondly, I don't know how you don't keep much sugar in your house. I need to but I was born with a sweet tooth and apparently it is genetic because Jack and Beau love it too...my figure, however, does not.

  2. Melinda you crack me up! Yep, I get sooooo bored with the background; I just can't help myself!! Now that I know how to make my own I just can't stop myself from making new ones in my free time; it's like my therapy lol!!

    I don't know why it doesn't appeal to me, but the rest of the year it doesn't even tempt me. Thankfully, because like you said, it really wrecks all the work we do to keep in shape after having our babies!! :)

  3. I feel ya! I'm not a sweets kinda person so it isn't hard for me not to keep candy in the house. I dread this time of year b/c the boy is all about candy! We keep a little bit of it and the rest is put in the kitchen at work for all to eat! :)


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