National Building Festival

Today we went to the National Building Museum to check out their yearly festival. It doesn't sound that exciting, but we had a great time!! There were tons of projects for kids - spackling walls, drilling holes, chiseling rock, making pictures out of nuts and bolts and screws, and the boys really enjoyed the day. Of course I took a million pictures, so I'm attaching some.

Afterward we went down to Metro Center and decided to pick a place we'd never eaten before just to try something new and DC'ish. We ended up at the Capital City Brewing Company, and it was a neat place...really large and open with a fun atmosphere. Well, we ordered our food, and it was a complete fiasco. Bless his heart, Norman sent his food back 3 times, and finally he just decided to eat it because the boys and I were already done with our meals. Our waitress was very sweet, and sent the manager over to our table on her own; we were really surprised that he came, considering they normally don't come to your table unless you ask them to. Well, he came over and apologized and told us that the meal was on the house...the entire bill! So that was a nice ending to the frustrating evening.

And now we're home, relaxing, and I'm back to my strawberry taffy... :)

Spackling a wall...

I was worried this would result in smashed fingers, but I was wrong!!! He had fun with it!

This was really cool...he drilled a hole in this board...

Is Chase the cutest construction worker ever or what?!

Here's Chase in a policeman outfit, and we are playing inside the kid-sized playhouse.

Total Lego Heaven...

Doing what they do best...playing with big trucks...


  1. Again with the ADD blog and again very cute! Cutie patootie photos too and I totally would have dug the National Building Festival. Did you learn any new and useful skills?

  2. haha - I KNEW you'd get on me about the background but I couldn't help it! :)

    All I learned today is that I can make a flower out of nuts and bolts and nails :) Although I saw a table full of different kinds of shingles and I thought of you!!

  3. Ha - shingles...exactly what I want to be known for. Sounds like I have some kind of disease : )


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