Ohhhh Happy Day!

I'm so excited today! We are getting ready for my brother Jordan's visit, and he is bringing his girlfriend Callie - whom we've never met! They are coming here on their fall break (Jordan is a teacher and Callie is in nursing school), and I'm so happy they are coming. So lots to get done around the house today, but it shouldn't take too long. We will be doing lots of sightseeing, so I will have tons of pics in a few days!! I'm super excited that Norman is taking leave tomorrow too; poor guy is such a trooper - we're going on a tour of the Capitol and we're making Norman play civilian tourist with the rest of us haha.

We got to have the neatest "reunion" dinner on Tuesday evening. Back when Norman and I met he was stationed at Fort Sill, and his commander was this nice lady Colonel Joseph. Well, at the time I wouldn't have said she was that nice; she was the one who deployed him to Afghanistan shortly after we were married, but in all fairness she didn't have a choice, and she did check in on me which was very sweet. We also had a friend there, Tracy, who Norman worked with and we still use the beautiful picture frame she gave us for our wedding present. Well, Tracy is here now, stationed at the Pentagon, and Colonel Joseph is stationed at another base in VA, but was up here on TDY (temporary duty for the non-military peeps), so we got to get together with the both of them! It was really neat, and just great to catch up with them. Since the restaurant was right near Fort Belvoir, we went on post and drove through the housing! We still have some time before a house becomes available, but I am so excited! The homes are so much bigger than I remembered...technically they are about 2200 sq feet, but just that 4th bedroom alone is soooo exciting to me. Not to mention the fact that there is a SEPARATE family room, so we can have a separate office and playroom! Everywhere we've been we've had to combine some kind of room, but here we won't have to! And can I just say that the base takes care of all landscaping and yardwork??! JACKPOT!

Okay, well I've rambled on about enough for one morning; I better get to work! You all have a fabulous Thursday!

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