The Precious Quiet...

I am not a morning person by nature, yet oddly enough when I AM awake early on I really do enjoy the time. Here it is 6:45, and I've been up for an hour; such is life with children who wake and need another tuck in to be able to get back to sleep. If that's all it took me to sleep I'd be THRILLED!! But unfortunate by that time my Sleep MD has worn off, and I'm just stuck. So I take advantage of the beautiful peace and quiet and enjoy the time to myself.

I've been finding that when I do get up and have my Bible study in the morning instead of the afternoon/evening, I have a better day. It helps me put things in perspective, and I'm able to pray for strength FOR the day, instead of waiting until the moments that my children are not at their best and then praying for things to improve. It is amazing how much a mother's attitude influences the health and attitude of her children, and it's something that is always a work in progress for me.

Plans for the day...hmmm...I think I'm pretty sold on the zoo, although I am thinking we will drive instead of take the metro. The walk from the metro to the zoo is a killer...seriously about a mile (maybe I get off at the wrong stop??), uphill. UPHILL. No thank you. I'll pay for parking today. The weather has been beautiful, I love all the interactive stuff they have at the zoo, and it'll be a nice, pretty cheap outing. So for now, that is the plan. Now, Eli has a way of being pretty stubborn if he has a different idea, so we'll see how this plays out.

Norman just left for work, and I'm thinking I need to get up and get in the shower before the boys wake up. The clock is running out on my ME time, so I better get productive with it. I hope all of you guys have a beautiful beginning to your week; enjoy the day!!


  1. Jason gets up at 5:15. I got up one morning with him. It was so so nice to get things done and be "ready" when Day wakes up. I told myself I was going to start doing it every morning. Hasn't happpened yet!

  2. I know!! It's hard to make yourself get up if you are still really sleepy and don't have to! :)

  3. That sounds gloriously peaceful!


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