Zoo Day!

Today was an absolutely GORGEOUS day outside, so we went to the zoo. I've wanted to go again for awhile, and today was the day. It was about 65 degrees out and just perfect! Of course here are some pictures and a video of my little Chaser being a ham! He loves taking a bow!!

This was in the educational center at the Rainforest Exhibit.

I love this pic of the boys...they just look so precious...

Posing in front of the Prairie Dog place...see the little one sitting up in the background??

I couldn't go to the zoo and NOT post a couple of pics of the animals! This one was neat because he was in the Rain Forest part that we got to go in, and he wasn't caged in. There were all kinds of free-roaming critters there, and it was really cool!

And this thing...he is a mini-hippo! I never knew there were miniatures!


  1. Love the video of Chase taking a bow, so cute! You are blessed with two wonderful and handsome boys. It looks like you guys have a really neat zoo!

  2. Thank you Shawna!!! :) Hope you are well!


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