Ahhhhh Friday...

I love Fridays. Norman is usually home early on Fridays, and our days are more relaxed. I don't schedule any appointments, and any errands we run are usually to the fun places like Toys R Us or Target. Right now the weather is beautiful and I have my windows open, it's quiet in here because Chase is napping and Eli is watching Thomas the Train, and I decided to steal a few minutes for myself on here.

Chase is finally starting to feel better. The poor lil guy has been on medicine for a week now, and he's finally starting to show some improvement. I'm feeling better from my sinus infection, and really the only struggle I am having is that the medicine the doc gave me makes me sleepy, so that kinda stinks.

Alright, thats all for now. Eli is patiently waiting on me to finish so we can do some art projects - which basically means he wants to glue everything he can possibly find together. That child loves glue sticks. Ciao!!


  1. Just wanted to tell you how much I love the pics you have on the sides of each of the boys. I have always thought they really looked alike, but you can really see the differences when you look at them around the same age. So Cute!

  2. Thanks Shawna!!! It's soooooo sad to me that they grow so fast. Chase is already getting so big; I'm losing my babies!!!


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