A bit weirded out...

First of all...

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Okay, so I am letting the cat out of the bag so to speak about a certain aversion of mine. It's not necessarily a phobia, because I'm not truly afraid of it, but it's one of those things that really makes me a bit nauseated. Are you ready for it?

Meat on a bone.

Usually the only thing I have to stay away from are the chicken places, which, growing up was hard because we'd do KFC sometimes. At least now they offer chicken strips that are boneless, but I just absolutely cannot eat meat of any sort off of the bone. As the daughter of a farming family I can imagine my dad is thinking this is the most ridiculous thing he's ever heard. Right? Am I right dad?? :) But I've always just disliked it. It seems rather barbaric to me to rip flesh off of a bone, and I just can't bring myself to do it. Even with a knife and fork. So I've had to fore go some meals and secretively pass my chicken wing or whatnot over to Norman when we've been out at a dinner or something.

Now, I'm not against EATING meat, and this must seem like an awful contradiction, but I just need it de-boned. So for clarification sake, meat off of the bone = yummy. Meat on the bone = gross, and I get pictures in my head of the poor bird in his life running free, as fast as he can away from the fat lady swinging at him with an axe. It's the bones that make all the difference.

Why am I blogging about this? Why is this relevant? Well, I just watched the carving of a turkey on the news here at 5. Cut here, tear here, pull here, snap here...I was getting ready to go start dinner, and now I'm trying to get my appetite back. Thanksgiving is a conflicting holiday for those of us who can't go home and are faced with the task of putting together some sort of dinner. Especially since we WANT turkey, but the whole stuffing the bird just isn't going to happen, and knowing that wings, and bones are in tact just makes it all the more impossible.

So along with my Thanksgiving wishes I send out to all of my friends and family, I send out good stuffing, carving, cutting and ripping wishes as well. We will be having turkey that is catered by Honeybaked, and it is lovingly de-boned and sliced, so that is one huge thing I am thankful for. :) Happy Thanksgiving everyone...


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!

  2. I'm with you, but I will eat meat off the bone. I don't like the way a turkey looks, especially after its been cut and now it just looks like a bird thats been cut into, but it tastes really good! Can't wait until Thanksgiving!

  3. OMG! I TOTALLY agree. I have also had this aversion for years, because it just freaks me out, but more because I'm a little paranoid that the meat near the bone is not cooked, because it looks so gross. And with poultry it looks all vein-y and stuff. Ewww. Also grew up on a farm/ranch with animals everywhere, and I'm not even really freaked about the thought of killing the animal to eat it. Just don't want to bite meat off a bone. It's fine once it's off, but it's a lot of work for a little bit of meat. So Boneless Buffalo Wings from Chili's, one of best discoveries ever. I'm not really big on ribs either, but that may do with eating food that gets on my face.

    We're also doing the Honey-Baked Ham version of Thanksgiving at our house, mainly because I am post-call today and only have tomorrow off. I decided to do myself a favor and lighten the load a little this year. It's hard when it's just the two of us without other family. But, lots of leftovers = no cooking for me for days!

  4. Heather - YAAAAY!!!! I'm not alone!!! :) Good for you for giving yourself a break and keeping it easy!

    Shawna - Have a fantastic day with your family!!!

    Betty - :) Thank you!

  5. Okay...so my issue with eating meat off the bone is holding it in my hands...and seeing everyone's hands all greasy...YUCK. Deboning the turkey is the worst part about Thanksgiving...Dave's mom (farm girl) usually does this for me. Since she was absent from our house this year...I happily went to a friend's house for dinner...lol! I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving with your beautiful family! [hugs]

  6. Awww way to go Reina! Lucky duck you got to go to someone else's feast! HA! I agree with you...that meat is just so much more greasy than the other off the bone kind. :) I miss you! I miss you being just around the block!!! I hope you all had a wonderful wonderful time with your friends!

  7. I also do not eat meat on a bone. I didn't see anything unusual about your post at all..?

  8. Katie, everyone tells me what an oddball I am for not eating meat on a bone! I need to head back to TX if that is considered normal there lol. :)

  9. hahahaha! I know I am way late reading this one, but I am SOOO with you!!! I'm totally freaked by boney meat! I used to completely avoid it but have learned to eat the outer edges that are nowhere near the bone(and only occasionally) then I give the rest to Harry since he does the whole beast thing and sucks the bone dry *gag*


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