Calling all cat lovers out there...

Wanna see some totally adorable felines? This stupid page I did for Simon on Catster has me suckered...I just voted for "Best Cat in Show". But I had to pass along these cute cat pictures. Get ready to have your "Awwww's" ready...



  1. I'm starting to think you have entirely too much time on your hands : ) Is D.C. boring you so much that you have to be looking up cats on the internet?! Hahahahah

  2. PS - left you something on my blog : )

  3. Haha Melinda! D.C. is fffrrreeeezzzziiiinnnnggg at the moment!! lol We braved the cold yesterday and let the boys play at the park, but that 20 degree romp has me still chilled to the bone. You know what though, I have a post for ya that I'm gonna do in a bit. You'll get a laugh out of it...


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