Date Night

Norman and I got a sitter last night (THANK YOU ROBIN!), and we went to Old Ebbitt Grill. It is right across the street from the Treasury Building and a few steps away from the White House. We wanted to go to a hip DC place that was really upscale but trendy, and we were very happy with this place! It is OLD...so there is a lot of history there (it was built in 1856), it was absolutely beautiful, and it was one of THE spots to be. It's frequented by government officials and famous people. Condi Rice was just in last week :). It was truly an awesome place! It's one of those places that you envision when you think of DC nightlife...guys...come up and we'll take you! :) Seriously! We might end up in North Dakota next! lol :) This place is so neat! Okay...so here are the pics!

Robin took this one before we left... I did the red-eye fix, and it made me look stoned...haha

Norman was horrified that I kept taking pictures :). I think it made him feel a little "un-cool". Oh well, he should know my camera is an extension of my hand. I love you babe...thanks for putting up with me!!! You can see in his face he's thinking, "Please, not another one...".


  1. Oooohh! So jealous. When Josh and I were in DC we went to a restraunt that was in a basement. It was really nice. I wish I could remember the name of it but the food was fantastic. DC has some of the best places to eat.

  2. Haha.... extension of your hand. Love it!! That place does look amazing! Thanks for stopping by and helping out!!!

  3. You guys look GREAT - looks like a very nice place! I'm glad you enjoyed your night out! :)

  4. Thanks guys! Melinda, if you happen to remember the name of the place, let me know!!! I love having a lot of neat places to try out!

    Shontel - thanks so much!! ;)

    Ashley - you're welcome!! It was fun!


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