Fort Belvoir Pics

First off, here is a look at the OLD housing on Belvoir. Some ranks currently use these, but luckily Norman's rank keeps us out of that dreadful construction. Maxwell AFB memories from Alabama anyone???? This little comic strip sums up our entire base housing experience down in Montgomery...
*note this comic strip comes from a military wife who writes these for military installation publications...

BUT...all that aside, here is what we are authorized!!!! We are still number 31 as of tonight, but hopefully that will be changing soon! No cockroach inn for us!!!

And of course we stopped to let the boys play, so here are some of the boys horsing around!


  1. oh my goodness! that is a gorgeous house!! I can't believe it's military housing...

  2. Are these one family houses?? They're huge! I love the one with the two red stars on it. It's so Primitive Country. That's how my house is decorated.
    I still hate it you didn't like Alabama. It's such a beautiful place to live. You just didn't get to experience the rest of it.
    I know you're excited about movin on up. Wouldn't that be a great Christmas present!!

  3. Nikki, they are one family houses!!! :) It is really amazing...They all aren't like this though...this is like the shining star example of what the military "wants" to do with all base housing...yeah, I'll believe that when I see it!!! haha...we are so excited to be here and get to live there!!!

  4. Holy cow! I am not sure how I missed this post...I apologize. Having said that...I am sooooo excited for you. Those homes are beautiful!!


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