A little military secret...

While I was at Wright-Patt I learned the secret to having a perfect "home away from home" Thanksgiving dinner. I had tried cooking my own turkey, and lets just say it wasn't pretty. And it definitely left a stench in my apartment for over a week. So anyway...some of my friends who were staying in town a couple of years back shared their secret to the perfect, stress-free holiday dinner. A gorgeous, delicious turkey with all the trimmings from Honey Baked Hams. It's beautiful, yummy, and delivered right to your door...

We've invited a couple of friends to share our dinner with us, and it will be a great time of friends and food. Granted, we are truly sad we can't go home and be with family, but we will be home for Christmas, and that is something we can be thankful for.


  1. There must be something to this big Thanksgiving dinner thing. My sister is a militar wife. She always does a big dinner for her family. I wish I could go to her dinner!

  2. :) Shawna I wish I could go to anybody elses!!! lol doing big meals like this is SOOOOO not my best quality!!! :)

  3. Since we don't have the Honeybaked option, or even a grocery store prepared meal. My turkey is coming from Popeyes. Now THAT is classy.

  4. Casey girl, ya do what you have to do lol. :)


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