My First Giveaway!

Okay, so I have been seeing a ton of you doing giveaways, and I wanted to join in this fun activity! Sooooo, here's the deal on it. I just made my first little bloggy logo - you can see it on the right. Next week I will be doing random looks of people's pages, and the first one I see displaying my logo will be the winner! Granted this is not very scientific, but I look at your page when you leave me a comment, so comment away people!!! :)

What will you win? Well, in the spirit of the holiday season, I will be sending you a Christmas ornament for your tree from either one of the Smithsonians (ex: Air and Space Museum) or a traditional Washington D.C. one. It will be up to you! So snag my little logo and I'll be doing a little lurking to find my winner next week! :)


  1. I like your new logo. You did a great job! :) I wish i could do things like that! :)

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  3. Putting it up now! Great giveaway!


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