Neighborhood Excitement

Okay, so here is a picture guide to what happens on my street sometimes. :) Please keep in mind that I am used to dirt roads with wayward cows and the occasional stray dog and lost horse. But this is what I get now...and I am really loving this kind of entertainment! :)

This is the view of the Pentagon that we have from our apartment... The arrow is the road that goes from the Pentagon to my apartment. We are seriously on like the same street.

Today they had a motorcade, and I thought I'd show you a bit of the "setup" for the event. First, they line the streets with cops and official vehicles...

Then one of the secret service cars shows up, and the guy parks in the street to clear the area...Here is him parking in the street...
Then the guy in the glasses with the earpiece gets out and finds the people he needs to clear out of the area...

Then, he makes the orders to the people he needs to clear...Here he is securing the area and getting people out of the way...

Now, here is where the pictures stop...I got busy and missed the actual procession, but it looks pretty much the same as picture number 2. I lost track of things somewhere between dirty diapers and playing with trucks :). You know...the really important stuff!! I'll get a pic of the procession for ya next time!


  1. Very interesting! To you it seems boring already, but to me it´s fascinating... :)

  2. Wow! You are at Ground Zero aren't you?!

  3. Thanks so much for coming by my blog and leaving well wishes! If you ever have an opportunity to come you should! It's gorgeous! But even better than Myrtle Beach is Charleston!!

  4. Thanks girls!! Melinda we really are...it's INSANE!!!

  5. That is so cool!!!!!


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