O' Christmas Tree, O' Christmas Tree...

"Where are thy ornaments???"

I like moving; I like being in new places. I love seeing new things, and I don't mind the packing and unpacking really. The only issue that we really have, is that we only have like a few days to make sure ALLLLLL our boxes and all the items in them arrived. The problem I have with that is that you don't usually know something is missing until months down the road, when it's ohhhh lets say... time to pull out the Christmas boxes and they aren't anywhere. No. Where. In. Sight. They've vanished. All I found up in Chase's storage closet was a bag with a white glittery snowy type cloth and one big strand of garland with red stuff and white icicles on it and two tiny little boxes of random "non-sentimental" ornaments. I'm guessing they came from Target from a Christmas in Dallas. All sentimental ornaments are now just a memory. UGH. So we used the small little ornaments, I took all the stuff off the garland, and we have the saddest little Christmas tree ever. I'll post a picture of my little Charlie brown sad tree. But it's up, and I do thank the Lord that I keep the handmade stockings that my mom made all four of us in my closet so that I keep a watchful eye on them. At least they made it, but my poor, poor little tree...

Okay, so I just took a picture, and here is my little Charlie Brown tree. Next year we will be in a mega big house, so I am promising myself that this little tree will be the tree that goes in our entry, and I will have like a 9' tree for the living room. I love Christmas trees, and I think one just isn't enough... :)

So checklist for what the tree needs...

1. PRETTY ornaments (have to start over on the sentimental stuff)
2. tree topper
3. tree skirt with decorative stuff to go at the bottom. I have an antique sled, but it looks so sad by itself...

Lord help this little sad tree lol.


  1. Oh No!!!! I would be a basketcase! But you seem to be handling it well, as always. When you think about it, it's kind of freeing... Now you can start with all new ornaments, like with a theme, like those fancy trees at the Christmas Tree festivals. I did this a couple years ago, after a friend of ours had a tree that was all red and gold. I thought that was a fabulous idea, except I wanted dark red and silver, plus a little white, and it's turned out beautiful every year. We do have some non-matching ornaments, sentimental ones, etc., that add an extra touch too. We haven't put our tree up yet, we've been doing it the day after Thanksgiving, but I will probably do it Thanksgiving day this year. I'm determined to not let Thanksgiving get over-run by Christmas and all it's pushy pals. It's like Christmas started in October! Well I'm trying to give Thanksgiving it's fair shake. I may be the only one.

  2. Aww, your tree isn't pitiful. During some of our moves I had to use a little tree like that. The kids don't care as long as there's a tree. Our tree now is like 8 1/2 ft I think. To big for our place but I I'm like you, I love a good Christmas tree. As for the sentimental ornaments...that's where we differ. I would be freaking out! I collect the sweetest ornaments every year that are personalized for everyone in the family. It started back with our engagement ornament. So sorry you can't find yours but maybe you will come across them when you move again. You're tree is not sad. It's precious.

  3. Your tree is not that bad. I like it with the lights on. I want to get a smaller tree this year. That way I need less ornaments too.

  4. Oh Stace...I have been in those shoes!!! But here is a little cheer from our move here...we could not find ANY of Laura's Breyer horses...FOR MONTHS. Laura and I actually cried and asked for prayers!!! :) They showed up in a box of my Grandmother's China that I ONLY take out for Thanksgiving...Sometimes you just don't know what to think of the packers!!! :/ Your tree look beautiful! Wishing you great joy, ALWAYS. xox

  5. I think it's great Stacey!!!

    AND, if it makes you feel any better....at least you found your tree!!! I have no clue where mine is at!! LOL

  6. what a huge bummer to lose your ornaments! i think it is beautiful anways! i have always told my husband that i wanted a room where i could put a "charlie brown christmas tree". i think they are sweet and heart warming.

    well now i'm feeling inspired to drag out my tree!

  7. Thank you ladies!!! SOOOO MUCH!

    Heather - I've always waited until after Thanksgiving to think about Christmas, but I just decided to give up this year and go with the flow! lol

    Nikki - Thanks girl...The ornaments weren't so much sentimental for our kids...they were my grandma's. I guess it makes it a bit easier that they don't have specific memories tied to them...just the fact that they were precious to my grandma...I hate that I can't find them.

    Betty - that is so true - a smaller tree takes less ornaments...and less money to make pretty!!! :)

    Reina - I'm soooo glad you found her horses!! I keep holding out a small glimmer of hope that they repacked the entire box into something else that I will find someday. I just am so sad over it!!! I know you guys are so relieved to have her horses back!! What a gift to find them!

    Shontel - Awww you'll find it! At least a tree is bigger to look for than ornaments lol. :)

    Ashley - how sweet!! I have always loved the Charlie Brown tree, but I never thought it would be my one and only tree!!! HA! :)


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