People crack me up...

Okay, so I created this webpage for our cat, Simon, because I'm so sure he feels left out of "technology" side of life. Or, I suppose you could say that I was extremely bored, Norman was watching Heroes, and I had nothing better to do with my free time (and no - laundry, dishes, and dusting are NOT better activities :) So, anyway, creating that page has led to some interesting finds.

Outrageously adorable find #1 - Someone on Catster saw Simon's profile and added him as a "friend". So of course I clicked on the link to see what his new friend looked like, and low and behold I found that this cat has a BLOG. Yup. The cat's owner (who has way too much time on her hands!!) keeps a blog that is written from the cats perspective. I have been reading the blogs to Norman (who is really VERY interested haha), and let me say that "cat speak" is hard to read sometimes. If you guys reading this have some extra time to kill and care to read a cat's blog...click over here http://www.catster.com/cats/614924 Oh, and by the way, Margo is an RKN which of course means, Registered Kitty Nurse. No I am not joking. :)

Now, if you want to see one that is mega super adorable, go check out adorable find #2 - I found this on a fellow military wife's blog. She actually keeps a blog for her stuffed animal llama. It is seriously one of the cutest, most pointless things I've ever seen. It makes me feel sad for the way I have neglected my stuffed children...who knew they loved to travel this much...

Okay, so now that you have a couple of places to go kill some time, hop to it! :) Seeing something so cute is a great way to start your morning. :)


  1. Thanks for visiting (and commenting!) on my BATW day!

    I am always especially glad to hear from another AF wife! The base housing you are moving into looks AWESOME! Especially in the DC area with traffic and the cost of living. Man! And I am with you on the Maxwell stuff. I hated that place, and we were only there for 6 weeks! :)

    I look forward to reading more of your blog.

  2. I wish I could say this is all so ridiculous but I am afraid that if my mom were more computer saavy, she too would start a blog page for her dogs : ) heheheheh

  3. haha thanks guys!!! You know, the sad thing, is that earlier today Chase jumped on Simon and I totally thought, wow, I should write a blog for Simon's page about how much the boys "love" him!!! lol This blogging stuff is affecting my brain!!! One moment it's crazy, and the next...maybe a cute idea??? :)

  4. Aww - I thought Larry the Llama was totally cute! Katie (Kwast) Stoneman


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