The pics for Norman's post!

Here are the pictures that I was going to post in my Norman post!! I found a lot of cute ones, so I'm just giving ya a warning that there are quite a few...

Here is one of Norman as a baby...Chase looks just like him at this age!!!

Here is Norman with his sister, Mel. Norman is about 5 we think...

Norman loves theater and musicals and things of that nature. I lucked out that he would rather go to the theatre than watch a football game...because SO WOULD I!!! Thank you GOD for matching me up sooooo well!! Here is Norman in high school in a performance of Westside Story. He is the one in the middle in the orangy vest.

And now on to his other passion...travel. Here he is with a friend at Buckingham Palace.

Here he is before diving off a cliff in Mallorca, Spain.

And at Stonehenge...

And Windsor Castle...

Here we are at our first military ball together...

And now here we are!!!


  1. Cute photos and oh my goodness does Chase look exactly like him or what?! Tell Norman I am looking forward to meeting him this Christmas.

  2. So neat to find out more about your hubby. We all have our own special "stories"! It was fun to read some of yours!


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