Tag - Again! Thanks Melinda!

Like Melinda , I actually enjoy the purpose of this one, so I will gladly do it! And for anyone who likes to go blog hopping, I recommend you head on over to her blog and leave her some nice comments to brighten her day! http://thebrookshirefam.blogspot.com/ .

So the purpose of this blog is to brag on my hubby a bit and give you a really great introduction. Most of my friends - except for a small handful - have not had the opportunity to meet him, so for those of you who never have, here is my sweetheart in a nutshell...

Norman was born in Japan 36 years ago, and up until the time he was 4'ish, he thought he was Japanese. His dad was in the Air Force, so Norman and his sister and brother grew up moving frequently. He graduated from high school in Nebraska, and graduated college from Southern Mississippi. Since he was in ROTC in college, upon graduation he became commissioned in the Army, and began his military career as a 2nd Lt.

His first assignment to Ansbach, Germany is really what defined him. He loves Europe and traveling, and we are still hoping that someday we will be fortunate to be stationed overseas. After living in Germany, he was assigned to Fort Sill, which is where we met!

Norman is the most diverse, loyal, loving husband I could ever imagine. I doubt there are too many Vocal Music Education majors who were Commanders in the Army, and that is one of the reasons I love him so much. I have literally been outside of his office listening to him when he was being the commander and really breaking a troop down, being the stereotypical mean commander. And what truly is astounding to me is that as soon as that troop walked out of his office crying and distraught, I walked in to his office and he immediately came to hug me and tell me how much he missed me. His ability to handle the stresses of his job, and still come home and be the caring helpful husband is something that I am constantly blessed by.

He is so "city", and for him to have married a small town farm girl is SO totally out of character for him. I think it is hilarious, and for the people who know him well know how off the wall that leap was for him to make. Also, he loves...LOVES history, and currently he has me hooked on this John Adams documentary that we are watching. He came home from work a couple of days ago and told me he had just read the Constitution. I mean...who does that? His love for learning and for understanding our history and government is amazing to me.

He is absolutely the best father to Eli and Chase. Even after going to work before 7am and getting home at usually around 6pm, he always makes time for the boys rolling around and playing with them no matter how tired he is. He has had to make some incredibly difficult decisions for our family, and he has always protected us and taken care of us no matter what the cost. His faith in God and his leadership in our family has made our home a loving refuge, free from outside dysfunction. For that, I am eternally grateful. It takes an incredibly strong person to be a biblical leader when faced with such opposition sometimes, and it is such a testament to his love for our family to see him be that leader.

So, that's Norman in a nutshell! Thanks to Melinda again for letting me have the chance to brag about my sweetie pie. And now I'm passing the baton on to the peeps who have not been tagged with this before! And you know I'm gonna check each of your blogs (*ahem* MELISSA!!)!!!

OH - and check back for the pics that go along with this post; apparently the driver has crashed in the thing that has all his photos, so I will have to manually scan some in tomorrow!!! :) Okay, everybody go forth and WRITE! (And be oh so glad that Melinda tagged me with this, because I was sooooo tempted to talk politics, but she talked me down from the ledge with this post...)


  1. hmm, do you have another Melissa you are referring to :-) I will try to get to this post after the other three I am trying to finish. Such sweet things you said about your hubby.

  2. HA! Melissa you know I did that just for YOU!!! :) We love you guys and need a Burt brag!! :)

    Wow, I miss you...can I come south for the winter for a visit???!!

  3. I am so happy to know more about your hubby and though I would hate for you all to live even further away...I would most definitely be up for a visit overseas!! I love Europe - I lived there for a semester and would move back in a heart beat if I thought Josh could leave small town American. He bleeds red, white and blue, you know. Thanks for sharing, I can totally see how and why you are so very proud of him.

  4. You are so sweet Melinda!! Thank you!!

  5. Dear Simon,

    I hope you're well. I'm not sure if you're into arranged marriages, but I have a friend, a Ms Liza Bean Bitey, of the Minnesota Biteys, who is a wild kinda girl and needs some stable man to bring her down to earth. Check her out on http://pearl-whyyoulittle.blogspot.com/2008/10/cats-looking-for-job.html

    love to you,
    ps: thank your mummy for dropping by my site today :)


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