Thank goodness for the sun...

I'm actually thrilled that it is Monday morning!! What a shock to my normally groggy system. We were up a good part of the night; poor Norman lost a crown on his tooth on Friday night, and he has been in pain ever since. He was finally able to go to Sick Call this morning at the Pentagon, so hopefully he'll call me soon to let me know what they decided to do with it. We were up watching tv at 3am, and he was eating ice and what we had left of ice cream to get some relief, and neither of us rested very much. Maybe they'll give him some pain meds and let him come home to rest; doubtful, but I'll hold onto that thought until he tells me otherwise.

We spent yesterday afternoon out exploring Fort Belvoir. We are actually authorized to live in 3 different neighborhoods, so we went and looked at all of them and then let the boys play at one of the nice, large playgrounds. We adored the first was so cozy with lots of little cul-de-saks (not sure how to spell that...), plus the playground was gated in and it was huge!!

The second neighborhood wasn't as "homey" feeling. The houses were adorable, but there weren't as many accessible playgrounds, and they weren't gated in. Still, they were there and there was lots of open space to play ball in, etc.

The third neighborhood was just as adorable as the first, so really we will be thrilled with whatever is available for us at the time.

You know, I was thinking about my mother-in-law yesterday... She told me once that she loved living on base and she thought I would as well. She tried to explain how it was different, and that it was a safe, comforting place to have your family in. I honestly didn't agree, because I didn't see how living there could be comfortable at all. I thought it would be too Gomer Pyle'ish. But now I am thrilled at being able to move on base. There IS a difference, and yesterday as we were playing at the park, I just felt at HOME. Like I could breathe a sigh of relief and finally let down my guard. Don't get me wrong, I adore this apartment, and if it were just Norman and me we'd stay and enjoy the city life. But it isn't just us, and given some situations we have, we welcome the change. We're now down to number 31 on the list, and we are just (not so patiently) waiting. :)

Alrighty, I hear Chase rolling around in his bed, so I expect to hear his little voice holler "mama" really soon. :) Time to get up and get breakfast going and plan our day!!! I hope you all enjoy yours!! Ciao!!


  1. "Gomer Pyle'ish" - haha, you crack me up. : )

  2. lol :) It kinda is...but in a good way!! Come visit'll see!!


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