Time to get out the paint...

We are up to number 27 on the housing list now! Unbelievable that we started at 58 just a little over a month ago. We are actually thinking there is a possibility for us to move before Christmas, which is a little scary for me; the holidays are hectic enough!! But it would be great to go ahead and get it over with and get this show on the road!

I am so sleepy today! The boys are up earlier than we'd like, so we are killing time before getting up and dressed for church. The weather looks like it will be much better today, so I am verrrry happy about that. Yesterday it did nothing but pour all day, so that kept us indoors.

I am soooo excited about a new opportunity!! I have had my hands full with the boys, so the job hunting went by the wayside a while back. Plus all of the "locals" who have kept enforcing the fact that you can't get a good job in this town unless you have connections didn't help my morale in the matter. So anyway, I had just been focusing on fixing my shop, working on holiday orders because the personal calendars are keeping me busy, and taking care of the boys. Let me mention that if you want to order a calendar, please order them NOW. They take me a lot of time because I actually use scrapbooking elements on them, so they are mega-cute, totally unique, but seriously time consuming. (Plus the fact that I don't charge for my time is a huge plus for the customers)...But back to my opportunity...

Norman had been at a briefing on the Military Officer Association of America and afterward talked to the main lady about me wanting to get involved in military family advocacy and some of the policies and legislation. She recommended that I check out this site and register to become one of their panel members. Their members do freelance writing, attend hearings on Capitol Hill, and are a voice for the concerns and issues facing military families. I have so many areas that I am passionate about...the (deplorable) military healthcare system, deployment outreach, widows benefits... Basically everything that affects our way of life. I am anxious to hear back from them and hopefully get cleared to start volunteering with them. My goal is to put the boys in pre-school a couple days a week so that I can do this, but we will see...It depends on how it turns out, but I'll keep ya posted. You can check out this organization at http://www.nmfa.org/site/PageServer .

Okay, well, time to wind this up and go get some caffeine for my sleep deprived self. :) I've got to start getting to bed earlier... Have a fabulous week!


  1. your blog is SO cute!!! I'm a military wife too--in the DC area too!!! Welcome!!

    xoxo, Lulu

  2. Congrats on moving up in the housing situation and good luck with the volunteer job thingy - it sounds right up your alley.


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