Waiting for my groceries...

So it's not quite 8...we're all up and showered, we've had breakfast, and I'm just waiting on the Peapod delivery guy to bring me my groceries so we can get out and enjoy the day. Tomorrow the weather guy has warned of snow, and although he said it might start this afternoon we're going to pretend he didn't say that and act like it will be beautiful ;).

I don't think I ever blogged about my poor Norman's tooth issue!! Two Friday's ago he started having terrible pain in one of his back molars. He had already had two root canals on it, and he was so miserable. Well, a week ago today, he went in and the entire tooth was cracked...So they pulled it. Now, there are several factors here. One is that military dental had screwed up his crown numerous times. Their ability to perform any simple dental procedure is somehow impossible. I've had friends go in to have 4 wisdom teeth removed and have come out with actually 8 teeth gone because they cracked the teeth next to the wisdom teeth and pulled those as well. We're talking nightmare'ish. So they didn't leave Norman's tooth in the best of conditions anyway, and so they decided there was nothing they could do but pull it. So the poor guy was left AWAKE as they broke the tooth in pieces and extracted each little piece, and then dug out the roots. First off, that is GROSS. Second off, that is torture in my opinion to have not put him out!!!

So Norman went in today to have the stitches removed, and to HOPEFULLY request more pain meds. Not only are they insanely ridiculous in their methods, they are so stingy with pain meds it's insane. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they give him something. But apparently this entire process will take a year, and in the end he will have a fake tooth grafted (is that a word??) into the bone, so it will be permanent. Bless his heart... What can I say...Military medical is a joke...

Peapod grocery guy...where are you???

Okay, so I have to blog about my new sheets I got at Marshalls of all places. Dad, make sure you tell mom to read this...So we have had this mattress for about 4 years, and it's a pillowtop mattress that is 27 inches thick! Do you see where I am going with this??? Finding sheets is a nightmare! The best we've been able to find were sheets that would fit a mattress up to 21 inches deep, unless we special order them for (I'm not kidding) around $200. Well, our one set of sheets is in terrible shape, so in my frustration we went to Marshalls and found a really good threadcount set that was just labeled "extra deep" and I threw up a prayer and bought them. For $30! I get them home...wash them...and oh holy cow they FIT PERFECTLY!!! I don't know if it was a fluke or what, but I have been agonizing over what to do for almost FOUR YEARS! Ohhh how I love Marshalls...So now, I can get not only my favorite purses from designer Kathy Van Zeeland http://www.kathyvanzeeland.com/ at a major discount, but I can now get my sheets there too!! Yippeee!!!!

Okay, so my Peapod guy just came with my groceries. :) Now I can get on with my day! I hope you all have a beautiful Monday!


  1. Okay, the Norman/tooth story - just wrong! I am sitting here in pain and completely grossed out all at the same time.

    Seriously though, I am sorry he is having to go through all of that. I really hope he gets some more pain meds.

  2. Melinda, he called a little while ago, and they gave him more pain meds!! Woo hoo!! I feel so bad for him...We (me and the boys) opted out of the normal military insurance and have a different plan so we can go offbase. But Norman is stuck and I hate it for him...Do you know at our previous base, they had an animal vet performing (and screwing up) vasectomies?? Oooohhh the horror stories I tell ya...


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