What do you get?

Q: What do you get when your baby likes ketchup more than his food?
A: A bath, to wash off all the ketchup.

Q: What do you get when you are constantly taking pictures of your kids?
A: Kids who love to take pictures, but who hate having their picture taken over, and over and...

Q: What do you get when you spend a family afternoon at the National Zoo?
A: Pictures of Lion Faced Tamarins, candid shots of your family having a great time...

And that stupid idea of having your 5 year old take a picture of you and your husband. Because within seconds of coming up with the plan, you proceed to plunge into a world of mourning as you watch in horror your beautiful little camera get smashed to bits as it gets dropped, all by way of a child who "didn't mean to do it...". So all in all, that was our day at the zoo.


  1. I made it up to you didn't I? We have now become the winners of an ebay bid for a new one!

  2. Yes, baby you have. I love you very much, and aren't you didn't even have to wonder what to get me for Christmas! XOXO

  3. That may be our whole Christmas, but oh well... lol

  4. Haha! You're kidding...RIGHT?????

  5. Oh no!!
    I guess now everyone knows what you need for Christmas!

  6. So what kind are you getting? (Leave it to me to ask the technical questions : )

  7. hahahaha! you guys crack me up! :P

  8. Well, I learned my lesson about having the ultra expensive camera be your "every day" camera, so we got a Canon Powershot and I can't remember the model number...AS 710? I don't remember...but I am THRILLED!!! All I need is a point and shoot until I can save up for my mack daddy camera! lol Super excited, so I can't wait to be back to taking pictures of every random squirrel in the DC metro area very soon!


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