Leaving DC...our trip part 1

This morning we left DC to start our trip home. It was actually sad leaving DC!! Of course I took a parting shot on our way out...
From there, we took our howling four footed fur baby to the kennel...And when we got to the Kennel, I nearly passed out. I debated checking myself in to just sleep away the time and look at birds...

He has such a cozy place to stay, and such sweet little roomies. They have their own tv and furniture...it was so awesome!!!

But of course Simon wasn't as thrilled as we were, and he wouldn't even look at us when we said goodbye...

Okay, so that's all for part 1. It's 8pm and we've got to be up at 4 am to get to the airport. I'll post our Philly pictures in my part 2! Nighty night!!!


  1. aaw! Poor kitty! He does NOT look happy! lol! I'd be thrilled to stay there though. hehe!

  2. Good lord! That nice a place for cats? Heck, adopt me and check me in there! Meow!

  3. lol - that does look like a great vacation spot! Lucky cat!

  4. I know!!! After our airport issues yesterday I totally was wishing I was in his shoes!! (or paws lol)


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