Busy Day

Why is it that the days I plan the most are the worst weather wise? It's supposed to rain alllll day long and turn to snow later on, and I have got to get the boys out in it. It's days like this that I envy Norman being able to come and go so easily by himself. It can be so hard in the cold with little ones!!

As we get closer to Christmas I'm looking more and more forward to getting home to see friends and family! Of course we are swamped trying to get ready to leave, and I am so conflicted about leaving our cat, but I guess we must. We can't afford $250 to board him, so he'll have to fend for himself and I'll have to try to get a friend to come check on him halfway thru our visit.

I'm sorry about the post below, that you have all probably seen. I am irritated to no end about a current issue we are having to deal with for no logical reason at all, and I will fill you in on it one day when it is either resolved or at least behind us.

Well, it is time to begin our day. We need to leave our house in 45 minutes and so far all I've accomplished is having Chase crawl in bed with me to watch Barney. It is only 7:15 I suppose...I never was a morning person...

Have a great day!!

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