Holy Inauguration Batman

So I'm watching the news and the local story that is starting to really spread like wildfire around here is the inauguration and all of the drama it is bringing with it. But before I elaborate, let me tell you this. There is ZERO parking in this town. ZERO. And what parking you can manage to find is very expensive. You have to pay to park at the grocery store and pharmacy folks. It is an issue. Also, there is no room for extra traffic. The traffic here is a nightmare!!! I avoid driving like the plague, but with all these people coming...no way; we are barricading ourselves in here. Um, might I mention the food supply? The store is always out of something every time I order groceries...how will it handle all these tourists?

Evidently the city is starting to worry a tad about all those issues too. This is what they had up on the screen during their news story on this subject.

*Expected 4-5 MILLION visitors
*Parking/Driving issues
*Food Shortages
*They're encouraging people to not go to work on that day, or work from home to avoid the roads.

*sigh* What an experience right? If our building hadn't outlawed renting out a room in our apartment, I might have just had to do it. People are charging $1000 a night.


  1. Paying to park at a grocery store?!?!?!! Now, that is just plain crazy. Are there meters in every spot, or how does that work? The store that is always out of groceries - is it a normal store for everyday people, or is it a special military grocery store?

  2. Yep!! There are meters EVERYWHERE!! And all the grocery stores, shopping centers, etc either have you pay by a coin meter, or you pay to park in a garage. I had to go downtown for Eli to have some blood drawn once and I pulled in the only garage I could find and it cost me $15 for 30 minutes!!! If I hadn't been in front of my boys, I might have beat the parking attendant with my purse!!

    As far as the grocery store, we don't use the ones on base (those are called Commissaries) because we don't live close enough to one. When we move on Fort Belvoir we probably will though. Maybe a gallon of milk won't cost us freaking 6 dollars. We have a grocery delivery service through Giant that we normally use, and they are always out of or trying to substitute something I ordered. We also have gone to Harris Teeters which are out of a lot of things too...it's just the location. It took me 2 months to find a store that carried the box mix for Tapioca lol. It's like a big scavenger hunt in this town...

  3. I know of people from down here who are going up and staying in their D.C. branch offices and going to try to find a gym or something where they can shower because there are no hotel rooms left!!! Good Luck!!

  4. Okay - You are going to HAVE TO fill me in. You keep having all these posts show up and disappear (ie: Free Speech?). Must be something juicy though. ; )

  5. Wow! Sounds alot like England!

  6. I know, but how cool is it to be in DC when an inauguration happens? I'd be down right in the middle of it, just to exeprience it once!

  7. Maybe if it weren't so cooooold :) lol


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