I'm whole again!

You know that can only mean one thing...My camera came today!!! I have been in pure agony having to leave my house without the camera in my bag, but those nightmarish days are behind me now!

Today was a C.O.L.D. day. The type of day where just looking outside makes you cry, but somehow I pried myself out of my SOFTEST SOCKS EVER from Bath & Body Works, and we all went down to the newly opened, fantastically renovated American History Museum. Now, I have to say that although this *might* be a minor inconvenience to our guests, we really need all of you to come back so we can take you to the NMAH. It was completely worth all of the teeth chatter, the boys (well, okay, just Eli) whining about how cold it is, and the smell of the homeless/lazy people who feel it isn't necessary to shower before cramming their smelly bodies into the metro, or right next to me as I try to focus on reading the Gettysburg Address written by Lincoln himself. Unfortunately that experience was cut short as I had to leave the room in order to NOT vomit all over the case protecting the historical document.

Now, I have to bring up a conversation of sorts that I was having with my friends Ally and Wendy. Wendy said I was graceful and Ally basically said haha - no way! Well, Wendy my friend, I must tell you about this. We were walking to the NMAH, and I had my hands in my pockets as we were hurriedly walking behind Norman, who was pushing the stroller. Well, as we were walking alongside the Old Post Office (a beautiful historic building) Eli asked me if I could carry his camera for him. Now, still walking quickly with both hands in my jacket pockets, I turn to discuss this camera carrying situation, and as I look in front of my briefly to see where I was going, I ran smack dab into the side of a wall that I had not seen sticking out right in front of me. It wouldn't have been bad but there were people behind me, and I really hurt my face. Total faceplant in a concrete building while walking full speed. My head still hurts, and I'm sure the people are still laughing.

Okay, so here are some pics we took in the museum...

This one is for my brother...not only is it an Oklahoma vehicle, it says Rufus on the door...For those of you who know Jordan, you will understand... :)

Chase playing with a little girl inside the Children's Discovery Lab

Eli in the Discovery Lab

They had a lot of artifacts, photos, stories, and other things from slavery times...

This is perhaps the most well known artifact at the museum, and this isn't even a picture of it. This is the entry to the display of THE flag that was flying at Fort McHenry that inspired the Star Spangled Banner. Mary Pickersgill is the one who made the flag and its dimensions are approximately 30 x 30 feet now (wear and tear and people clipping parts of the flag as keepsakes have taken some of the length off), and the main part of the overhaul of the museum was to do upkeep and help to preserve the flag. Photography wasn't allowed, and this is one time that I actually adhered to that rule. :) I encourage everyone who can to make the trip to see this flag. It was a truly memorable experience.

Ruby slippers from the Wizard of Oz

Now, this was amazing. I had to take a picture of the little information sign. The picture below the information one is of George Washington's actual clothing. PRESERVED REAL CLOTHING FROM THE 1700's. Unbelievable.

Now, this one is a bit dark, but this is what we left the museum to find. Freezing temperatures and SNOW!

But we had a craving for Mexican food from our favorite little place, Tortilla Coast. They have the best salsa on the planet...it is sooooo very good that you can even do this...

Perfect ending to a perfect day!! And believe it or not, I'm ending this post up!! Sorry it was so long, but I did have a lot of pictures to take now that I have a camera again... :)


  1. OMG! Great pics!!!! I am so happy you got your camara! I'm loving the salsa pic! I always crave Mexican food!
    I'm laughing so hard about your "graceful" moment! hehe! I also feel real bad for you because I have done that before and know how bad it hurts!
    In my defense, I will say the comment about you being graceful was about your body language, not your walking skills. hehehe!

  2. Haha!!! You are so sweet Wendy! Bring your new shoes when you come this summer...I've got a lot of stuff to show you all!!! :)

  3. LMAO!!!!!!!! You lost me after you walked into the wall....I'm LOL over here....

  4. Sorry about your face! Did you get any scratches? So what are the ruby slippers covered in? Glitter, fake jewels, sequins? Sounds like a fun day!

  5. No scratches lol. They are actually covered in sequins and beads :) Not as glamorous when you see them in real life!

    Jenny haha!!! :)


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