Laugh of the day

Okay, so here is a dose of hideously funny crap for the day. Keep watching past her "intro" where she is just dancing. Her singing is ohhhh so unique. And if you can stomach it, keep watching to the end; her message to her critics is so eloquent. :) This was like a train wreck for me...too awful to watch, yet too funny to turn away. Thanks to Casey for sharing it, otherwise I would have missed this tragedy...


  1. hahaha! Too cute and funny and totally embarrasing to watch! I do think the girl has some decent dance skills though, and a lot of spunk! :D

  2. Oh, poor soul. Why don't people stop her rather than encourage her. So sad (and a little bit funny ; )

  3. The kicks were my personal favorite. Or maybe the creepy look she got when she said se-shu-al. Or was it calling us whores? I can't choose.

    For further entertainment, you have to look her up on youtube. Just type in Tina Chen or Tina C Myspace. I just watched one (edited) where she flashed the camera to thank her fans. Um yeah.

    Glad to make you laugh!

  4. Oh, my body is rockin alright...lol! She IS a spunky lil chic...quite original AND "spe-shoo-wul". I actually might google Backstreet Boys today...LOL! ;P

  5. Hey Stacey! How are you??? Hoping this finds you well... looking forward to following you here!


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