Life as a Military Wife

Okay, two posts in one morning. Don't miss my weekend part 2 down below this post...Its got some cute pics!

Now, this is TOTALLY NOT MY POST, but I had to post it and talk about it... Casey over at The Ever Changing Life of a Military Wife
posted this, and y'all, it is soooooo MY LIFE. lol. It was nice and comforting (and a little hilarious as well) to know that I'm not alone, and that yes, to some people, this is our normal. I hope my military wife friends will join me in high-fiving Casey for getting this so dead on, and the non-military friends will understand a little bit of what this odd world is like...ENJOY

I want to point out that like Casey pointed out, "You" doesn't literally mean YOU. It means a general civilian society "you".


1. You see a movie whenever you want. I see a movie at the first available time because it may never show on base again. Oh, and I stand up for the National Anthem before my movie starts.

2. You shop where you want, wearing what you want. I have to be aware that I will be going to my husband's office to shop, and must plan accordingly.

3. You are a spouse, I am a dependent.

4. Your husband goes on business trips. My husband goes TDY.

5. You go to your local grocery store, I go to the Commissary and begrudgingly tip my mandatory bagger.

6. Your husband pushes paper, mine protects our freedom.

7. You worry about your husband on his commute. I worry about my husband going to the sandbox.

8. You know your husbands boss. I must know how to read rank and identify ALL the bosses.

9. The most common acronym your husband uses is NFL. Mine speaks entire sentences without uttering an actual non-acronymed word.

10. You decorate your home, I attempt to purchase things that could go in 10 different homes over the course of a career.

11. You take a vacation. We beg for leave, and buy insurance just in case.

12. You buy something you like. I buy 50 of the thing I like, knowing the BX/Commissary will never have it again.

13. You get weirded out seeing a gun. I think nothing of a man in the Burger King with an automatic weapon.

14. You drive home at 4:30. I can't drive at 4:30 without getting a ticket. Why? Well you have to stop for retreat and the anthem of course!

15. You feel flattered when they ask for your ID. I pull mine out before going into the restroom. I mean, you never know when they might ask for it...

16. You get excited about sales. I cry when given a military discount.

17. You know your husband's birthday. I know my husband's social security number better than my own.

And then she asked for more from her readers, and here were some that others posted...

You have a husband. I have a sponsor.

Your husband doesn't want to tell you what he's up to, my husband can't... its classified.

When hubby is deployed or just TDY, the little ones call any man on base in uniform "Daddy". They do out grow it, but it is kinda sad when it happens on a daily basis.

And this last bit of advice that was posted has become my new motto...

"My husband's best advice for me when we left for our first post is to remain Switzerland... stay neutral and never reveal how you really feel about someone or something - it will definitely come back to haunt you." Definitely my life at the moment. I'm changing my name from Stace to Swiss.

All I have to say is "THANK YOU" to my military wife friends for truly understanding when nobody on earth does, and "THANK YOU" to our family for loving us and supporting us despite the craziness and crap sometimes that comes our way. I wouldn't trade this life we have for anything...it's worth every bit of sacrifice. I love you Norman...


  1. Love the new motto...LOL. Reapeat after me: "I AM Switzerland, I AM Switzerland, I AM stinkin' Switzerland!!!"

  2. Melinda lol - I keep telling myself that hoping that it will become automatic. I am SOOOOO not made that way!!

  3. Very intersting post. I will have to tell my sis to read this. Her husband is retired military. They did a tour in Germany!

  4. I'm so jealous of them!!! Norman loved his time in Germany...I hope I get to go one day too!!! :)

  5. Hi Stacey! :)

    I want to thank you for visiting and commenting on my BATW day article. Thank you for that. :)

    I have never stopped to think about what life is like for a military wife and family...until this morning (it's morning over here right now). It's quite interesting to-for the first time-become open to new facts of how people that have to do with the military, live. You must have to be a very strong woman, I can see that now!

    Tell your husband "thank you" for protecting the freedom of Americans, everywhere. :)

    kittens n kisses,

    p.s. What's TDY? lol

  6. oh...how do you make that picture (tag) with the html code below it for copying so people can link to you? I've been wanting to do that, just don't know how to? Where'd you make that at? :)

  7. Stacey! It worked, it worked, it worked! Yippeeeee! You can now officially take me home with you! I love you! Thanks so much! LOL

    p.s. I replied to your comment, on my blog!


    Thanks much, much, much, and then more much!


  8. Thanks for posting this! Both my parents were military brats and there is still so much that I don't know about that world! I'm beyond thankful to our military families, for all they do and endure, but it is so easy for the general public to forget that it is a DAILY sacrifice.

  9. I just grabbed you, too! :)

    And thank you for being the first to take Matilda home with you! :)

    you're so nice :)


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