Our weekend...part 1

What a week. Good weekend, but seriously, I'm glad we're on to a new week and hopefully, well...I'm hoping for a little miracle, fairy dust, tinkerbell on my shoulder or something. We'll see. You know that bumper sticker that I'm sure you've seen "Mean People Suck"...Well, ya know, it is so true; I feel like walking around these days with that stuck on my forehead and waving a sign. Oh well...

So anyway...back to my GOOD WEEKEND!!! :) I am tired and am adamant that we get to bed early tonight so this will be more of a picture post with some writing in between photos. Hope you don't mind the bazillion photos.

Okay, so yesterday we took the boys to this place called Adventure Park USA . It is an awesome indoor Silver Dollar City type place that is just perfect for these terribly cold days. They have a four story climbing tree house thing, that is HUGE and I think the boys could have played in it all day. There are also lots of other fun stuff to do like a ropes course, big bounce house, carnival type games and rides, and the boys just had a ball. The first pic here is a picture of our drive out of the city, up to the park. I'm still testing out my camera to see how it works while driving, through windows, moving objects, etc. Not too shabby!
After we left there about 7pm, we drove up to the White House to look at the Christmas Tree. It was so beautiful, but extremely packed so we didn't get out and spend much time there. Alrighty, I'm going to stop here for tonight and finish up on what we did today at another time. My Sleep MD is kicking in, and it's time to hit the hay! :) Nighty night...sleep tight! :)


  1. That looks like wicked fun!! Of course if we went my husband would be trying to ride all the kiddie rides and be right up there climbing with the kids. LOL

  2. I was!!! My husband was like - STACEY GET DOWN!!! :) But how can I take pictures of my kids if I can't see them??!! :)

  3. The first picture is beautiful. I wish we had an adventure park here. So neat to have an indoor place like that to take the kiddos.

  4. How fun! The boys looked like they really enjoyed it!!

  5. That is cool that they have something like that indoors! I've been to a Silver Dollar City in Branson, and I wish it would have been indoors!! :)

  6. Wow, you guys go to the most fun places and do such cool things with the kids. I'm so jealous. I think my kids are getting a little too sheltered! lol


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