Precious Eli and Building Party

A couple of days ago when I was sitting on my couch, I noticed that Eli had put an American Flag in our tree... (Sorry, it's kind of dark)
When I asked Eli why he put it there, he simply stopped watching his cartoon, looked at me and replied, "To remember the people who died in the wars Mommy". He blows me away at times. Yes, he can be so frustrating at times...oh yes, I know you don't believe me but it's true...But there are times like this where I see his beautiful heart and precious spirit, and it gets me so choked up. And one more Eli brag...he read half of a pretty decent sized book today!!! Almost entirely himself, with only minimal help sounding out some of the tricky blend sounds. Way to go Eli!!!

And then on a fun note, our building hosted a catered holiday party last night. We went down to grab some free food (I did have flashbacks to my college days - free food is a huge magnet for me). The food was more frou-frou (is that how you spell that?) than we eat, and the boys did not get into liking much about it except for all of the cookies. They had these cute little sandwiches but they had some kind of jelly in them. Like fruit jelly stuff. It was weird, and I guess I was a little too plain Jane to really like them. But I ate them...they were free, afterall. I did smuggle an extra plate of cookies upstairs though, and I've been sneaking them when the boys aren't looking!! :) Here are some pictures from last night...oh, and I must say that Chase had to have been the best dressed at the party. He was wearing his dinosaur jammies with matching green crocs. We may not be dressed perfectly for the occasion, but by golly, we match!

Look at him checking out the desert table!!

This little girl was sitting next to us, and I thought she was the most precious thing. We live in such an eclectic place.


  1. Your little guys are so cute! You can be proud of them!

  2. Thank you Betty!! Yep, I'm pretty partial to them!

  3. Wow...reading? He's way ahead of Myles!!

    I saw those jammies and had a little flash back. Of course the crocs make an excellent accessory!! I totally forgot about those (or how small Myles was wearing them).


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