Shamelessly promoting myself!

Okay, in an attempt to pick up more traffic through search engines, I am going to spotlight some of my designs and merchandise. I work so hard to come up with these and am super proud of every sale I make! So here's some of my holiday stuff...

Some of my "Scrapbooked" calendar pages. I'm taking these from one I'm doing for my grandma of my family, and one I made for my friend Ally...

And just a few other items... Visit the shop to see all designs and merchandise!



And of course tons of other non-holiday designs. Check out the shop and let me know if I can design something for you!



  1. They are all great. I love them. You are very creative!

  2. Those are lovely! Especially the scrapbook pages. I used to scrapbook like crazy. I ought to get back into it :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog awhile back. Sorry it took me so long to say hello!


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