Stitches and Shopping

Wow, it's really been awhile since I've blogged! Things have been rocking as usual, only it seems a bit busier than usual. My new camera still hasn't arrived, so I feel a little like something is missing, and I've lost many great photography moments and memories already. Today I was just sick over my inability to take pictures of our day in Old Town Alexandria. It is so beautiful there...we drove along the Potomac, enjoyed the marina view and enjoyed the atmosphere down there. There are many historic landmarks, and besides the gorgeous buildings, the cobblestone streets, the insanely wonderful shopping and food, they had a variety of "communal" coffee shops, bakeries and pubs. I poked my head inside one to find that at this bakery, there was a huge wooden table, almost like a medieval looking table, and you sit at the table, with all of the other customers, and it promotes a sense of community, conversation, and warmth. I had never seen anything like that around here. You know I would have taken a picture for you if I'd had a camera...

The only unfortunate news that I have is that my sweet little Chaser had to get stitches yesterday. He and Eli were playing, and somehow in a game of tug of war, Eli tugged and pushed, and Chase flew head first into our coffee table. Of course we had been pretending to do moonwalks and be astronauts just prior, and I had JUST WALKED OUT OF THE ROOM when I heard Chase's cry. So off to the ER we went, and he ended up with 3 of them.

Now I did have to take some kind of picture, so I took a couple pics of his head tonight with my cell phone. I'm sorry they are so blurry, but you can at least get the idea of the trauma.

Oh! And ignore the pudding on his face in this one! :)


  1. Pudding is always a good way of cheering up a child who just received stitches...actually, I wouldn't know - yet; but, it sounds like a good idea. Glad to see you back blogging. I was worried about you. : )

  2. Melinda you are so sweet! Thank you! You know, I thought for sure if Eli hadn't needed stitches by now then Chase wouldn't, because he's not as daring, but wouldn't ya know he had me fooled...

  3. aaw poor guy! I do think it is a second child thing. My mom and I both got ran into a coffee table by our older sibling when we were young. hehe! We didn't either have to have stitches, but I think it is a right of passage or something.

  4. haha...hopefully it is a one time deal!!!

  5. Give him lots of TLC! Poor thing, His first and hopefully only set of stiches!

  6. Oh no! Poor little guy! Hope he's feeling better now.


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