I'm kind of tagging myself I guess, because Melody left this open for anyone who wants to do it! It was either this, or dusting, so hence I'M TAGGED!!! lol

8 shows I watch:

*The Unit
*Army Wives
*Ghost Whisperer
*Real Housewives of Orange County
*Dr. 90210

8 Favorite Restaurants:
*Tortilla Coast
*Ruth's Chris

8 Things that happened today:
*Kissed Norman goodbye when he left for work
*Fixed the boys breakfast and we all ate
*Had a Dr.'s appointment for Eli
*Watched it snow
*Did laundry
*Vacuumed the entire house
*Worked on Eli's reading lesson and sight words
*Planned out the rest of our day

8 things I look forward to:
*The boys' naptime coming up shortly!
*Going home for Christmas...I love shopping with my girlfriends and being with my family!! I miss them!!!
*Finishing up my laundry!
*Norman coming home later on
*Finishing up my Christmas cards
*Watching the boys grow up and seeing what they become
*Doing more sightseeing in town
*Getting an overseas assignment?? Pretty please??

8 things I wish for:

*My children to grow up and be happy, healthy, Christian men
*God to spare Norman deployments in the near future
*This war to end and our friends all come home
*Norman to get selected for early promotion
*Easy flights home for all of us
*Norman's family to all work thru their issues
*A time where I can have a career of my own
*That Oscar de la Renta skirt that I never can find!! Every girl should have a little Oscar in her closet...

8 people who I tag:

I am taking Melody's answer - Anyone who wants to!


  1. Great post! Very interesting getting to know you better.

  2. I enjoyed reading more about you. I am hooked on the real housewifes. I also used to love watching medium, but I haven't seen it on recently. I miss it, I even had Jason hooked on it!

  3. Thanks Betty!

    Thanks Shawna, I think it's coming back on in January. I have missed it since it's been on a break of sorts I guess. Isn't it insane how crazy the lifestyle is of the OC wives??? Completely insane!!!

  4. How old is Eli? When will he start in school, or is he homeschooled? Where would you like to be assigned overseas?

  5. Eli just turned 5 at the end of October, so he will start in the fall. I've been "sort of" homeschooling him to get him ready for school. Just in terms of learning to read though and learning history, math and science. It had crossed my mind to homeschool him, but I really just don't have the personality to do it day in and day out. There are several online programs that are great, so we use them. Wow that was long winded...sorry! As far as going overseas...Norman lived in Germany for 3 years, and he would love to go back...and I would love to go there. Germany is 1st on both our lists, but after that definately Italy is 2nd and then then Belgium is 3rd. Norman was born in Japan and his mom loved it there, so that is someplace we'd like too... Okay, I should have just said ANYWHERE!! :)

  6. I want some Oscar in my closet..


    Thanks for dropping by my blog via BATW!


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