We made it in one piece...barely

So after I posted that last blog by way of free airport kiosk (no way was I paying $9 to connect my laptop for 10 minutes), we got word that our next flight (to Arkansas) was cancelled. Which meant that with everything getting pushed back we wouldn't make it to Dallas until 10 pm or so. It was only about noon when we were faced with this, so we did what any desperate person in an airport would do - after shelling out all that money to fly the friendly skies. We shelled out more moola and rented a car. Yep, so this trip out here did indeed make it in our "flight nightmare record book", and was perhaps the worst experience. EVER.

We did take advantage of the fact that we were driving near a dear friend, and we stopped about 6 pm just west of Springfield, MO to visit her. It meant more to me than anything in the world to get to see her. Neoma is the mother of my precious friend Michelle who died not long ago, and I have just grown so attached to her. We've become close, and getting to drop by and surprise her was a wonderful gift that the airlines did end up giving us.

So next on my agenda is a lovely detailed letter of my feelings about yesterday's ordeal to an American Airlines manager, and not to mention the fact that since we were up nearly 24 hours (yes, we had to get up at 3:30 am to make it to the airport on time to get bumped from our flight), so we are still exhausted.

I'm off to grab another coke for the caffeine and attempt to survive the rest of the day ;). Thank you to all the sweet comments on our day yesterday...All I can say is to let this be a lesson to you - DO NOT FLY AMERICAN AIRLINES!!!! :) They stink!


  1. Glad you made it in one piece. Please pray for us as we are headed to the airport in exactly 3 1/2 hours...should be sleeping but scared I won't wake up in time.

  2. Ohhhh Melinda I've been thinking about you guys all day!! I am heading over to check your blog to see if you've posted; I haven't checked and I'm nervous... I hope you made it!!!

  3. LOL...okay, American airlines stinks! :)

    Merry Christmas! LOL :)

    But you know...maybe this all happened because maybe your friend's mother really, really needed that visit. You'll never really know. But maybe God knew all along.


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