Weekend Part 2

Is it sad that the first thing I thought when I woke up was, "I need to blog before the boys get up"? Maybe blogging is my therapy; nevertheless I enjoy it, so here is my part two of the weekend.

Sunday afternoon we needed to run an errand. I have been dying to go on a little shopping spree to H & M (I've not done any "trend" shopping while here in DC), so Norman was sweet enough to take me and watch the boys so I could actually look and try stuff on. I bought 2 dresses to go with tights and my boots, then we hit up American Apparel to get the tights (I've heard nothing but rave reviews of the A.A. tights, so we'll see how good they really are), and I EVEN bought knee high gray socks to wear over my tights pulled up over the top of my boots. I'm working toward the legwarmer trend, but I thought that legwarmers might not have drifted to Oklahoma yet and I wanted to get stuff I could wear home. It's so funny how trends sort of hit the coasts and work inward, but I seriously don't want to look like a weirdo when I go home, so I'm keeping it tame. lol

Okay, THEN I found the COOLEST store EVER. Urban Outfitters. They have awesome clothes, home decor, etc. I think Norman was a little scared when we were in there because I was running all over the place so taken with everything. I think he was a little scared that I was going to buy a big Eiffel Tower lamp and black retro chandelier, and turn our apartment into an urban nightmare. But living here has kind of done that to me; I LOVE the shopping here...the eclectic style and the "wear what you love and don't be afraid to be an individual" attitude. Growing up in a small town is stifling that way. If you look different from the other 800 people in town then your an odd bird, so everyone does the same thing, dresses the same way, etc.

OH! And in the midst of all the shopping and sightseeing, we stumbled upon a downtown Christmas Market! It was so much fun just wandering through the little booths listening to the music and smelling the funnel cakes. Just another testament to the fact that you can live here and go somewhere and find some random festival. So enough rambling...here are the pictures!

Here is the X-mas Market...It was in front of the Smithsonian American Art Museum.

Between there and Urban Outfitters, we saw these guys. They were CHILDREN playing on plastic buckets as drums and they were really good!!!
Then here is a pic I took inside Urban Outfitters...I didn't know if they prohibited photography so I was very sly. :)
Here is just a photo of some of the cool buildings in DC...

And then here are Chaser and Norman on the way home. I think Norman's picture sums it all up... :)


  1. Christmas Markets are the best! That is definitely something Oklahoma misses out on.

  2. Definitely! You know, I never knew of anything "Christmasy" except for the Affair of the Heart in October!!! I think they def lack in that dept!

  3. Urban Outfitters is my sisters favorite place to shop! I like a lot of their stuff, but I am more of a thrift store kind of gal.
    I'm lovin the kissy face of Chase! Too precious! Poor hubby! How tollerant he is for going shopping with you! Mine would have been hiding under a rock! haha!


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