A bit of everything...

The laundry is washing, lunch is done, ice is falling from the sky and I am seriously sleepy. Days like this are MEANT for napping, reading, cranking the heat up and watching talk shows...all the things little boys don't want to do! :) I need to be cleaning since the apartment people are coming in to do their quarterly pest control stuff tomorrow, but I can put that off a bit longer.

OH OH!!! HOUSING UPDATE!!! We are now NUMBER 18!!!! Norman and I decided that once we hit number 15, we will start getting stuff ready to paint, so I have just a bit more time before we do that.

Last night we all went out to eat at Chili's, and I'll admit I was soooo eavesdropping on the people behind us it wasn't funny. But seriously, the conversation was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Only in DC will you overhear people chatting over dinner about meeting with some Ambassador of Iraq, and a meeting they attended in India before the big bombing over there where they KNEW something was going to happen but didn't know when or where... There was also talk of Ted Koppel, stuff relating to Obama taking office, and lots more. Some I could really hear, some I couldn't fully hear, but WOW. Who WERE those people? Those are people I want to know lol. Gosh I'm nosey!!!

Could someone tell me who Bonnie Hunt is? I mean, I have her show on during the day (my channel stays on NBC, so that as I come and go through my room I can catch glimpses of shows that don't include talking animals and buildings made out of words...) and I like it, but WHO is she? I mean, she must have done something to have her own show now, but then again that chick from the Apprentice Omarosa got her show for just being flat out mean and unlikable, so maybe not.

Wow, this blog is kind of sad; I'll wind it up for now. I hope that wherever you all are there aren't 2 inches of ice covering everything... I am so ready for spring...


  1. When you're done cleaning your apt. come on over and clean my house...it desperately needs it after three days of being in bed : )

  2. I can so empathize!!! Having a house of 3 boys to "help out" is verrrrry scary!!!! I can only imagine because I know what my 3 can do!! :)

  3. Don't you just love when the little ones "help out". It's cute, but it makes everything take so much longer. Which is why I packed away all the Christmas stuff when they weren't here, much to their dismay.

    Bonnie Hunt it a comedian and I know she had her own sitcom for a while a few years back. And I think she was a movie with Steve Martin not too long ago ( the remake of Cheaper by the Dozen, I think?)

  4. Stacey........aren't you NOT ALLOWED to disclose conversations like this to the general public??? Hmmmm???

  5. haha! I'm with you on the evesdropping thing. I am the worlds worst! As for Bonnie Hunt, I don't know much about her but I know she was in Jumanji.


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