Chase's first phone call...

So as I was in my closet putting laundry away I heard Chase saying "Hello??? Hello??? Hello???" Well, I of course figured he was talking into a phone that was turned off, so I didn't pay any attention, other than thinking that he sounded awfully cute and very realistic. Well, when I came out of the closet, I saw that he had my cell phone...and it was lit up...and when I took it from him I heard this Spanish lady saying "Hola...Hello? Hola??? Hola???

And I'm so mature what did I do...I just hung up; now I know that was rude, but seriously what was I going to say? I am so attentive to my baby that I let him randomly call strangers throughout the day? And frankly there were so many numbers that he hit, I'm not sure how he got anyone...I just hope he didn't make an international call... Only the phone bill will tell; I'm not going to call her back to apologize. :)


  1. My SIL's little boy dialed Russia...it ended up being a very expensive cell phone bill that month.

  2. Awwww! I would love to have him call me.....

  3. lol. Let us know how it turns out with the bill!

  4. Oh my!!! RUSSIA??!!! Holy cow!!! That little boy didn't happen to be Owen did it??!! :)

    Betty, you are so cute!!! And Katie, I'll definitely keep you posted!!!

  5. lol... I like the part..." And me I'm so mature what did I do..." lol

    You know, there's this one time, my mother was talking to my son Gilead about how when you call Jesus, He will always answer, because He's our daddy.

    My mother turned and walked away. My son picked up my mama's cell phone, and when we walked in, he was saying, "Hello? Daddy?"

    After the talk with my mama, He was trying to "call daddy Jesus because He always answers" and turns out he dialed my husband's (his daddy's) cell phone number, so his daddy picked up!

    I'm so glad that he dialed my husband! He was two years old. It's strengthened his faith! :)

  6. Owen would be the correct answer!!

  7. Too cute!!!
    I would have done the exact same thing. We must have the same level of maturity! :)


  8. Too cute! I hope it wasn't international either - those can be expensive.

    One time my husband let Sam play with his cell phone and she somehow managed to call my BIL. We didn't realize it until he called back to see what we wanted. Damn caller ID!


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