Finally!! The rest of our Christmas trip home!

Okay, so since this is my FINAL part on our Christmas trip home, I am warning you now that I have lots and lots of pictures to share. I'll try to keep the words minimal so that this won't be too terribly novel'ish. But if it is...SORRY!!! :)

The day before Christmas I took the boys to get their picture taken with Santa. Procrastinating worked in this case, because we had NO LINE. NO WAIT TIME. Perfect!
Then, since we were at Bass Pro Shop, the boys had to get in a little shooting practice...
Now, if this picture looks like it was taken at an ER waiting room, well...that's because it is. Let me say that 3 weeks prior to our coming to Oklahoma, Chase started acting fussy and in pain, so I took him to his pediatrician. The doc looked in his ears, said he was perfect and sent us home. One week later his symptoms were getting worse, so I took him back. This time we saw a different doctor, and that doctor looked him over (including his ears) and said that he was perfect. And then THE DAY BEFORE WE FLEW TO OKLAHOMA we were still not seeing any improvement so we went back. This time we saw Dr. Lungren (hers is the only name I remember) and she said the same as the previous two had said...his ears are perfect and he's perfect to fly. Wellllll, we get to Oklahoma and end up in the ER on Christmas morning where the doc flushes out ear gunk rocks out of his ears and finds raging ear infections. So thanks to our incompetent docs at Alexandria Pediatrics, Chase has been miserable for weeks, and probably will be until the 8th when we go see an ENT specialist. Needless to say we will be going elsewhere for pediatric care from now on.

After getting home, we then had Christmas with our family and a family friend, Betsy. While we ate the big dinner, Eli napped, but after dinner when we did the presents, Chase finally had enough and went to sleep. This is how Chase enjoyed his presents...
and then here are the rest of us...

Before we left, we took a family photo at church...and it was so great to have Callie with us! (She is my brother's girlfriend)

Here's me and the hubbie

Here is a photo that I took at my parents house that I think is super sweet...

And then to wrap it up, I'll leave you with these. Norman and I want to be closer to family when he retires in a few years, and we have decided that the perfect spot is Yukon. It's close to my family, but it is just a minute away from everything that OKC has to offer. After living in some big cities, I have gotten really spoiled with convenience and the amenities that large places have to offer, so it gives us the best of both worlds. We know a lot will change in the 7 years or so with the housing, but we fell in love with a housing group in Yukon called Settler's Ridge. We went thru a couple of houses during their open house hours, and I snapped a few photos. I LOVE THIS NEIGHBORHOOD!!! I'm convinced this is the place for us!!! :)

This photo was taken I think the night before we left to come home. Jordan and Callie came out to the house, and we all had a nice big dinner courtesy of mom!! Thanks mom!! Oh, and evidently I didn't take this photo, because I am sitting there on the floor looking goofy.
Check out the traffic...Definitely a proper welcome home from Washington D.C.!

The End. Thank Goodness...Now I can get on with 2009... :)


  1. That's so funny....I walked through all those homes in Settlers Ridge as well. They are beautiful!

    Glad you all had a good time.

  2. Poor little guy! I'm glad you were able to enjoy Christmas still!

  3. Those houses really are very beautiful! I would love them too...
    Great pic´s and looks like a good time was had by all!

  4. Thanks for stopping by from BATW!!

    We actually have more in common than Oklahoma! We both spent part of Christmas day in the ER!!

    That neighborhood in Yukon is beautiful. We are in Piedmont, so I know exactly what you mean about having the small town with all the big city amenities close!

  5. Aren't they Melinda?! I was foaming at the mouth during the whole walk thru!!

    Thanks Ladies!!! Amanda, I hope you guys are all okay!!

  6. Hey there New Friend!!!! So glad you stopped by my blog :) I haven't blogged around the world in soooo long it makes me so sad. I'm so sad for your little sweet guy and those ear infections...WHAT a bummer. I hope you get some relief very soon. Okay, I'm gonna go read in your archives...your family is just precious :) My Father actually lives in Yukon and has for almost 20 years and loves it. That house you took pictures of is beautiful! Thank you and your sweet family for serving in the Air Force. I'm so glad you stopped by my blog :) Thanks! And I'll see you soon! Take care!

  7. Hey! You're so pretty in your you n your hubby pic! And the fur! I love it! But I hope it's fake! LOL!

  8. I'm truly sorry to hear about what happened to Chase.

    That's totally unacceptable. How can those doctors mess up like that? I just don't understand it,

    Ok, I'm getting mad right now.

    You know, I've learned to just follow my own motherly instincts. Like, sometimes a doctor will say not to take antibiotics. I know he needs it. So I give it to him, and it works wonders.

    One time before, my son could hardly breathe from all the phlegm stuck in his lungs. Still, the doctors said he didn't need antibiotics! I thought "You've gotta be kidding me!" And I gave him Cefalexin Ceporex (following the advised prescription on the insert paper) and it worked!

    Ceporex pediatric suspension is also good for ear infections. Just fyi.

  9. I get so upset at doctors sometimes. He sure didn't seem sick when we saw him at church. He must be a tough little boy! I think that house fits you to a tee!

  10. Thank you Staci!!

    Charity, you know, I get so frustrated with pediatricians!! It takes so long to find a good one, and with all the moving around we do, it's hard to keep one for any length of time. If the little guy can only hold out till Thursday, he'll see a specialist who can hopefully help him...

    OH - and about my vest!! LOL of COURSE it is faux!! :) No way would I be sporting around a poor little dead thing - no matter how fashionable!! lol

    Shawna, you know he was smiling and everything at times even at the doctors office. Bless his heart, he is such a little toughie!!! He is much stronger than I would be!!!

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