Inauguration Crowds

So you may be wondering what it is like living in DC during this historical time... Click the story below to catch a glimpse into the craziness here.

Security on Steroids

It is seriously nuts. It is logistically impossible to cram an extra 2 to 3 million people in such a small area that is WAAAAY too over populated to begin with. Yesterday we had to drive out to Falls Church, VA, and let me tell you...I've never seen so many cars on the road. The traffic was stacked up, all the parking lots were full. As we were leaving our building, some guy asked Norman about parking at our building and he had to tell him that you have to have a parking sticker or they will tow your car. There is ZERO parking around here. Heck, half the time we come home WE don't even have a place to park, and we LIVE here! Pure craziness!!

I'm sure it is going to get a lot worse between tonight and tomorrow...it will be interesting to see...


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