It's our 7th Anniversary!

7 years ago today, Norman and I were in Las Vegas with our closest friends and family, saying "I do". What a journey we have been on since that day, and despite all the heartaches and bumps in the road I wouldn't change it for anything in the world. I love you, Norman.

Some thoughts I have looking back on my photos? 1. Wow, I was so skinny. 2. Wow, I look like a baby - sooo young. 3. We have come so far since that day...and come through so much. 4. I love Norman so much more than I did on that day, and I am thankful that God has blessed me so much.

And to Norman...thank you for putting up with me...I know sometimes that isn't easy ;). Happy 7th anniversary sweetheart.


  1. Congrats! Love the wedding pics!

  2. So beautiful!! Congratulations sweety! Hope you have a wonderful day and aren´t too busy with all the inauguration stuff.

  3. Happy anniversary to a beautiful couple - both on the outside and inside!

  4. Happy Anniversary. You looked gorgeous, but you always do!

  5. Oh how gorgeous! Thanks for sharing these pictures with everybody!

    My fave one is the one with you and Norman coming down the staircase! Quintessentially princess! And what a gorgeous dress, too!

    Hey, you got married in Vegas?! Was that fun much? :)

    My husband and I will be married for 9 years (Yes I know, I married very young) this year on March 11! If we last up 'til then! LOL!

    Good for you, girl! :)


    About your comment on my site...

    "Stace...ok so now I am at a loss for words...thank you...your kind and sincere words mean so very much to me.

    And you -to me- are a treasured friend."

  6. Ladies, THANK YOU for the sweet words!! :) It's fun remembering back to that fun day..

    Charity - Vegas was tons of fun!! It was sooo easy! I told the planner what our colors were and they took care of everything...including the cake! It was stress-free, tons of fun, and full of great memories! Plus I got to wear my dress all over Vegas and get some "wear" out of it instead of wearing it for an hour and then changing!!!

  7. Happy Belated Anniversary!!!


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