Snow and a Drag Queen...

Soooo much has been going on in "real" life, that I've been skipping out on my online one lol. I will start this off by saying that it is a BEAUTIFUL morning here in DC! It is snowing, and being this high up in our building, I feel a bit as if I am in a snow globe. The boys and I actually went out onto the balcony to snap some pics of the Pentagon in the snow, and here is one that I took.
You can just barely see the snowflakes, which is too bad because it really was coming down! It's supposed to do this all day, so we plan on staying in and watching it from the warmth of the house.

I haven't had a chance to blog about the funny thing I saw on the metro Friday night. I have never seen a real, live, drag queen until Friday. I had not been paying attention when we sat down as to who was in the seat behind us. I'm getting good at looking around and seeing what I need to see without really looking too closely at the people. (People here do NOT like you looking at them, and apparently it is a big metro rule that you really just don't look at the people around you) So anyway, I heard a man's voice behind me...talking on a phone or something...no biggie...right?? So when the MAN stood up to get off at the L'Enfant Plaza stop and I happened to see the largest women's shoes EVER standing beside me, I started to get confused...man's voice...women's shoes...So I started scanning upward. Huge ankles...big legs...a hideous looking skirt (no big deal so far...I'm only mildly confused as people wear some weird stuff around here...plus people come in all shapes and sizes and...), but then I just saw all the rest at once and about sucked my gum into my lungs. The MAN was holding the most awful sequined black purse...it was HUGE. Size of Texas big. With a terrible wool coat, a face made up with tons of make-up, and perhaps the biggest tragedy of all... the HAIR. It obviously was a wig. It was a beehive style, and the oddest thing I've ever seen - it didn't even look like real hair. By that time I wasn't the only one staring. It seriously was the oddest man/thing/person I've ever seen. Luckily the boys were yapping and looking out the windows so I didn't have to explain what that was and be faced with the possibility of having to lie to them and tell them it was just a big odd looking lady. We've had lots of those "God makes everyone different, and everyone is special no matter what they look like" conversations. But I'm not sure I could bring myself to even launch into that discussion for fear that God would not be happy with that. haha. It takes all kinds I suppose...But goodness...

Saturday was *supposed* to be our paint back day, but since Eli was home with us we decided to make it a family day. Eli wanted to go to the Air and Space Museum (of course...it's his favorite), so we spent the afternoon there instead of painting. We actually found a special "How things fly" room that is designed to teach kids about gravity and flight and stuff that we had never seen, so that was neat. And we also ended the day by letting Eli pick out a Space Monkey that he named Neil Armstrong that he could take with him on our trip out to OK and TX. Here are few pics of our afternoon at the Smithsonian...

Okay, I need to wrap it up for now. I'll write another blog later today about our plans for the rest of the week and our flight/travel plans for the weekend. Enjoy your morning!


  1. Nice to see you post Stacey! Funny story, too bad you have no pic´s of that... :9 ) but I guess that would be too obvious, right?
    Have a good week!

  2. This is really, REALLY funny! LOL!

    I'm surprised, though, how you haven't seen a real live drag queen before, though! I see them in real life, all the time! Over here, they cut peoples' hair! Like in the salons! :) And they just walk around in the malls like the rest of us! :)

    That was really so, so funny!

    LOL! When my son was younger, I used to tell him that "It's just a big, ugly lady" but now, we have explained to him (now that he's older) how some men are "weird" LOL!

    Oh well!


  3. Thanks Betty!!! Yeah, I've taken pictures of some funny people before and it didn't always turn out well ;) I'll have to sift thru my photos to find something funny for ya...

    Charity - HAHA!! I grew up on a farm, so even though I've been in the city for a while, I have never been in that BIG of a city lol!! I can't imagine them being everywhere and walking around just like normal!! That is so strange to me!! At least you've broken the news to your son...I still have yet to figure out how to explain that. He's so "concrete" in his thinking that I think it might be hard for him to get it. Hopefully we'll be out in the suburbs when he gets back from Texas and I'll not have to worry about that for awhile...at least! :)

  4. Wow! Snow is beautiful! It is 63 degrees here now! But my husband is traveling with work in Indiana and he woke up to three inches of snow on the ground. Big difference! Haha!

    I don't think I would've been able to contain my snickers if I saw that drag queen with a big sequined purse! Haha!

  5. oh my goodness - I would have been freaking out too!

  6. LOL! I could just about see your face when you looked up and saw him/her. hehe! One time I went to the state fair with my ex husband and his fam and without knowing ahead of time, we went on "gay day". Needless to say, we saw lots of them. Funniest part of that was we noticed one of them had very real looking hooters and my ex dared me to ask what they were made of. He/she said one word. RICE! baha! Very memorable.
    As for what to tell children, that is always a tough one. I was flipping through channels one time and Scott saw one and asked if it was a guy or a girl. I didn't want to lie to him, so I just told him(with as much of a controlled nonchalant voice as possible) "some guys just like to dress like girls". I figured it would be best to just let him form his own oppinions about the subject. His response was simply "that's weird".


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