Boring little update

I have not been great at updating this thing lately! Life has been pretty low key, and I figured it wasn't worth blogging about. It has been nice being home though, regardless of the reason for the visit. I had a great time last night, because Melinda and I went out to dinner at Alfredo's! YUMMMMM! It was such a good time...good food...good company...Thank you Melinda for such a fun evening!

Other than that Chase and I have just stayed in. It has been so windy, and although the temperature has been pretty good, the wind is just too fierce to want to get out and do anything. Is it sad that I'd rather have cold, still weather than warm, windy weather?

There is a Valentine's Dinner at my church here tomorrow night, and I'm not sure I am still wanting to go. There is something about being away from your husband this time of year that makes you want to not celebrate the day at all, but instead stay in and pretend it doesn't exist. I did this when he was deployed, so we'll see if I can push past it or not.

I have finished the first Twilight book, and I have to say I am now one of those who "GET IT". I love Edward, and I can't wait to get the next book in the series in the mail. Norman is supposed to be sending it, and hopefully I get it before I leave on Thursday so that I can read in the hotel.

Okay, enough of the rambling for now, besides C-Span is getting too exciting because they are reading the votes and I can't keep tally of the Yea's and no's when I'm typing. :) I tell you this whole political thing is so frustrating...but like a train wreck, I can't make myself look away... :)


  1. Last night was so fun! We will have to do it again...soon.

    As for Wed. night, not being near the hubby is exactly why you need to get out and go. I expect to see you there : )

    If you don't get your book by Thurs., call and I'll loan you mine.

  2. Yay! I'm so happy you're part of the Twilight club now! Haha! Here is a piece of advice I'd like to share after reading the series... if you don't enjoy the second book, keep reading. It gets better. The second book is okay but it was my least favorite... but definitely necessary in understanding the plight of Bella and Edward.... and Jacob. :)

  3. UGH Melinda, at this late hour I'm still undecided. We shall see...I don't know, mom is sort of pushing me to go too.

    I may need to borrow your book...Norman didn't get mine mailed off in time :( I'm in tears, so can I really take you up on your offer??? I'll guard it with my life!!! :)

    Ashley, thank you so much for that advice! I have heard that, and it helps to know that it's a general consensus. :)

  4. OMG...Edward the hot vampire is haunting me by taking over all my friends!

    Seriously...all my friends are falling in love with him and falling out of sanity! I'm sorry, jail-sister, but I DO NOT want TO EVER get involved with a vampire or a werewolf or anything that is something that is supposed to be dead or in hell!



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